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    I just returned a day ago from my first trip to Vegas. It was OUTSTANDING! I could write a novel on what all I did in 3 days but I'll just make a list of some of the highlights so people do not get bored. 3 days was about the amount of time to stay because I was burnt out by the end of day 3.

    Monday - Was interviewed by Holly Madison (playboy playmate) while hanging out in Planet Hollywood Casino (didn't get to perform for her though but got a pic with her), toured Casinos and gambled at the Flamingo. For dinner we hit Stratosphere tower where I rode the Big Shot ride which was a power tower at the top of the needle. Insane! My adrenaline was through the roof. Went back to my room $65.00 richer...ha ha.

    Tuesday - Toured hotels / casinos, gambled (lost $100), saw Penn and Teller Show which was SUPER...I highly recommend it. Both of them signed an Ace of Spades Ghost card for me and I was able to get my picture with them after the show. Gambled after the show and won back $140. Was happy again!

    Wednesday - Went to Luxor to Criss Angel's shop, Visited Denny and Lee's Magic shop (the guy who helped me was very nice but the shop is not that great) Went downtown to Old Vegas, watched street performers / characters, gambled at Golden Nugget (lost money again), and watched the big screen overhead (those of you who have been there know what I'm talking about)

    Vegas was a blast and my wife and I are definitely heading back.

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  2. Vegas is always fun even if you lose a little money. do you ever go
    to the the world desert seminar?
  3. No...I have never been out there for that.
  4. Wow that trip sounds amazing. I went to vegas for a week and didn't had that much of an adventure as you. Rick, did teller talk to you?
  5. He spoke very little. I wanted to perform one of my close up effects for him, however, there was a mob of people and everyone was pushing and shoving to get pics and autographs. He only gave each person about 5 seconds of his time so I don't think the crowd would have been too happy with me if I started in on some magic for him....ha ha.
  6. Awesome pictures! Looks like you had an action-packed trip. Totally agree about Penn and Teller's show - one of the best of the best.
  7. Thanks JB. I always like looking at other peoples photos of where they've been so I figured I would throw a few up there for ya guys.
  8. Awesome. It sounds like you had a blast. My wife and I keep talking about going for a long weekend -- if we do we will definitely try to see Penn & Teller. Surprised about Denny and Lee's because I've heard so much about their shop in Maryland.
  9. So Awesome...I am glad you had an amazing time...keep sharing!!
  10. Thanks Luis. We will have to chat sometime.

    David, I had heard the same thing about Denny and Lee....maybe the one in Maryland is better but the one in Vegas did not impress me that much at all. I've been in a lot of magic shops and it was average at best. They had an average selection of items and a decent amount of books / dvds, but as far as props...there wasn't a whole lot. Now don't get me wrong, their customer service was excellent. It was just sort of a run down dirty little room in a plaza.
  11. Vegas Fun

    If you could have fooled Penn & Teller in Las Vegas, would you have gotten a free trip to London? :)

    Vegas is great fun especially if you've never been there or only get there once in a while. Next time you're able to go, check out Gambler's Book Club. Besides a lot of great gambling and magic books, a lot of pros frequent the place so you never know who you'll run into.

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