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  1. Hy guys , I have a small question that is more for the T11 staff/team...Is it legal to sell and teach theory 11 material ( tricks , eg. Pressure) by someone else and not even giving credit's or any link to theory 11 and maybe not even buying the trick.???

    I hope that this thread will not be deleted , I am asking this because there is someone that is doing this.

    Thanks for the time :)
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    Translation = Can they steal your tricks, pass them off as somebody elses ( ie them ) and sell them on to someone for profit, that T11 wont be getting a cut of ?

    Hmmm, i dont think its legal , but im no lawyer :p

    Here you go :

    Intellectual property (IP) are legal property rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial, and the corresponding fields of law.[1] Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets, such as musical, literary, and artistic works; ideas, discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs. Common types of intellectual property include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets.
  3. good translation Geraint2k2 :D , it's a good way of saying it.There is a guy witch is taking tricks from T11 and ellusionist , recording the performance and after that explaining the trick , using the same name of the trick and making no changes.oh and he is making "magic pack's" and selling them on his credit's are given no nothing , even put's his site's link on the video's...

    It would be good if someone could announce t11 team , he is using tricks from t11 too
  4. unless he is using the original copyrighted video it is legal. He can reveal as many tricks as he wants by what ever magician he wants with his own videos and it is 100% legal. It is unethical, but ethics and law are two very different things.

    If this weren't legal, then Magic Makers would no longer be in business... and Penguin would have been in trouble a long time ago. But they are not, and that is because you can't copyright a trick, you can only copyright the video/book it is published in.
  5. it is illegal and the magician can send a letter to youtube to remove it, if the move is copyrighted.
  6. That made me laugh. You can't copyright physical movements...
  7. I remember Raiker saying something about intellectual property...
  8. You can flag the video, yes, but it's not illegal unless they're posting a DVD rip. You gotta love how in the Age of Information most people are just too god damn lazy to do a lick of real research. Or reading comprehension for that matter, because if you read the original post more carefully, you would see that he was not talking about YouTube because he mentioned selling teaching materials for stolen effects.

    You cannot copyright the method of a magic trick. Any good copyright and intellectual property lawyer will tell you that. You can only copyright the contents of a publication, meaning the actual footage used in the DVD or the exact text in the book.

    That said, you don't have to do something illegal to be an *******. As one of my favorite humorists once said, "The best way to tell if a person is a detriment to society is if they're ever the '*******' in a sentence that starts with 'some *******...'"
  9. I've sent a mail to that guy to stop what he does... Man, Danny Garcia and Dan White spent time to release Pressure and this guy is making money on their work by teaching the trick on a 10$ dvd(with 6 tricks) without even crediting them. Even if this is legal, it isn't nice...
  10. well, you can sue them.

    You can take all they've got!

    also, it IS possible that a few people around the world have come up ith the sam eideas?

    honestly I mean.. pressure.. that effect is sooo old.

    When you think about it.. just check out Harry Lorrayne's Apocolypse.

    Man things on the market are NOT original!!
  11. I've already emailed Bryant this morning telling him about this issue. He didn't say what he's going to do about it, he just told me that if I find anything else of that nature to let him know.
  12. They have not the same idea as Danny and Dan... trust me. It's the same effect, the same name, the same handling.
  13. Trademark.... the names of the effects are usually trademarked by the company that is selling it.

    Best bet is to let Ellusionist and T11's team handle it. Send them a link to the site.
  14. If you weren't pointing out the fact that someone is ripping off t11, I would say this:

    "Is it legal? Are you a retard?"
  15. It's Legal

    It's completely 100% legal, but unethical as the other post said.
    I guarantee this guy would return your emails. You'd be lucky to get a response from Danny G. I've sent him, Wayne Houchin, and Jonathan Bayme emails letting them know all the T11 products are available all over the internet for free download and they could care less. I'm prefectly willing to help them out and get this cleaned up and they won't even respond. Kinda ticks me off since I purchased Dangerous and Witness and it's available all over the net for free.
  16. I laugh at this because the truth is 90 percent of things taught on this site and other sites like it (make note that 90 percent is a figure that I made up on the spot, but I am being honest that it is a lot of stuff) has been taught somewhere else at another point in time. Maybe not as big productions, but all in all, that is how this kind of field works. Do I agree with it, not entirely. But if they manage to do it better, let them do it. Would I ever sell a trick that I didn't make, heck no. But others do it. Good news though, honest people will keep doing the honest thing. Just make sure you fall into that category =)

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