Is this what magicians have to resort to?

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Sep 1, 2007
Hey I'll do what I can when I feel strongly about something.


Mitch, the thing that you are getting so worked up about is a video from a guy trying to make people happy. Is that really so disgusting?

Ok, I didn't find it that funny, but at the same time, it doesn't bother me anything like the way it seems to bother you. You say you are offended? Really? Really truthfully? Or are you just looking for bad things to say about this? It's not like he presented Christophe as a stereotype, that's not what Sankey is saying all Canadians are like.

Seriously, like many have said until now, lighten up or keep your misery to yourself.



This guy needs to get laid ... big time lol but hes so crap aye, just move on sankey
New thread name:

"Off topic to the eXtremz0rs!"

hehe. Jokes.


Heeeey, I think we're trying to turn this into something fun rather than something hateful. It's no one's fault that Jay fell off the wagon, got covered in dirt, fell into a ditch, which lead to a hill, that was covered in rocks, that lead to the ocean, which lead to a ship, that took him to france, where he saw a clown that was clearly trippin on mushrooms, then hitchhiked back to america, while doing some very questionable stuff to pay for those rides since he lost his money when he hit the ocean:eek:, and recorded Christophe Le Clown...:D

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lol Now that's what's up!
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