Is Wayne Houchin's Stigmata worth it?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by element399, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. ya i been wanting to get Stigmata but not sure if it is worth it so thats why im asking? And can you really ask someone to think of a card and it would come out?
  2. oh yeah!! the trick is nuts!!

    thats all i have to say...
  3. I do not currently have it but I have only heard great things, You can check out the reviews on E.

  4. If it was good enough for Banachek and Wayne...then it's good enough for you too. =P

    If anything, it's an amazing effect and it is almost impossible to not get great reactions from it. You wont regret it! Trust us.

    Shane K.
  5. GET IT! It really is amazing. I love doing this and this is most people's favorite. You can do it ANYWHERE anytime. NO preparations at all.
  6. Yes, it is definitely worth it in my opinion. Stigmata is one of the strongest effects you'll ever perform, not to mention that it is impromptu. When I say impromptu, I mean no setup and preparations whatsoever.

    In the DVD, there are three versions of Stigmata taught. The first version is the chosen card, the second version is a person's name and the third version is the thought of number. So no, you can't have someone think of a card and have it show up.

    In my opinion, it is worth it. I'm sure many people will agree with me.

    Edit: Oh wow I thought I was the first to reply. Didn't know there would be like four replies going up as I'm typing mine...
  7. guys im not gonna lie it does take a little practice but what doesn't but when you get the DVD you can do it anywhere any time with anything a number 1-100 but you have to use the name method but this dvd is a gem i wouldn't trade it for all of kng midesis silver
  8. I bought Stigmata when it first came out, and it is a wonderful reveal. It has been in my routine for a few months now and my spectators always go nuts when they see the number slowly begin to appear on your skin.

  9. While having a card, which is thought of by a spectator, appear is not directly taught in the DVD, by using the methods that are, one can easily derive a way for that to occur.

    I think that Stigmata is amazing -- it leaves spectators speechless and flabbergasted. Although it is easy to perform, developing a performance makes it even more hard-hitting.

    Mentalism is not my forte, but I think Stigmata was well worth it.

  10. Get it!

    If u wanna Stigmata, give me a hell yeah!!!!!
  11. hell yeah
    lol its a good effect but still can't seem to make the appear look good
  12. i had a group of about 15 people watch me do stigmata, and they ran away screaming. litterally screaming at the top of their lungs.

    it's a wonderful trick, and the more comfortable you are with performing it, the better reactions you get.

    some of the best reactions i have ever gotten were from stigmamta...second only to a signed torn/burned/eaten/destroyed and restored trick i created.
  13. I manage and bartend in a little dive bar and occationaly, more out of boredom than practice try out a trick or two on my patrons. I preformed the 3rd version of stigmata with the mind reading and had them screaming... :) well worth it. I even had some customers come in the next day that had heard about it from the first group that wanted to see me do it again. Plus they tipped well :)
  14. Stigmata is an excellent trick! Get it and enjoy making people go nuts!
  15. Okay thanks
  16. Get it. There is a version of Stigmata taught on the dvd better than the card version (in my opinion). Imagine this.
    The spectator writes the name of a friend, family member, parent, whatever on a business card. It is folded into twice. There is no possible way of you seeing inside. You tell them that you are having trouble getting the name (or think of a better presentation like I did) then turn around again. Attempt to "read their mind" again. Tell them to squeeze your wriest. The person's initials appear on your wrist.


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