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  1. We can't perceive actual reality. Our limited senses shut us out from it. We've never had a choice. Putting any kind of connotations or meaning to anything is an illusion really so what does it matter if he opts for a handful of positive connotations? Its all relative.

    All you're really doing here is trying to impose your view of life onto him.

    Truthfully, reality is a coin that we're all looking at from different, stationary angles. You can say its heads, he can say its tails, one could say its round, one that its smooth, one that its flat. According to each of you and your subjective reality, you would be right and the others would be wrong when in concrete reality none of you are right and none of you are wrong.

    I lost my train of thought here because I'm
  2. Reality is truth. There is no changing it. One can believe that I "controlled" e.g. hypnotized someone into seeing something that is not there, but in reality, it isn't there. Period.

    Let's get this right.

    We FOOL people. We are all con artists. We all lie, we all cheat, we all play games with people's minds. That's the reality. That's the truth. We are taking someone's desire to be amazed, someone's desire to be fooled, someone's desire to see something out of the ordinary and exploiting it.

    There is no need for us to "believe". None. That's hogwash. Once we start saying "I believe in XXX" then we are attributing powers to ourselves. What we need to do is know your audience, know your stuff and have confidence in both.

    Any con artist will tell you that when doing the sting, you do not believe in what you are saying is true, because then you lose sight of what you need to do to pull off the con.

    Believing is something that isn't real hurts your performance. You lose sight of what you're doing and more importantly, you lose sight of your audience. The performance becomes about you and not them. Also, it leave YOU open to being conned and fooled yourself.

    Keep this in perspective. It's simple. We are con artists. Just be confident. No need to believe in anything "supernatural" or "god-like" or "aliens" etc.

    I think Theory 11 says it best when they advertise the brilliant trick "Believe". In the middle of that word, is a big fat LIE.
  3. The fact is that when we are on stage, people are in another reality with us where everything becomes real. Yes, it is not REAL, it is not the reality we perceive every day in our life but it is reality in the mind of the brain. We bend real reality so that everything we say is real. As ive said,

    "We deceive, lie, cheat, make them feel stupid, but people still love us..."

    Now why do they love us?
    Because our lies, our deceiving, cheating and us making them feel stupid happens under the cover of a dual reality. If you go to a theater or a movie i bet you have sometimes forgotten that what you are seeing is not real and you have fallen into another realm of existence. Thats what we do but on a another level!
    We go into another realm faster and more effectively, although it means that we must know how to do it and we need to be good at it.


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