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  1. ok so me and one of my friends got into an argument because i told hem there were 6 phases in the jackson five and he said there were only five ergo the name so for the record i want to know how many phases and which cuts are used and in order if you know and the little display thing at the end
  2. I'm going to try and rack my brain without looking it up on the DVD. If I remember correctly there are 6 phases, but 5 displays it is
    1. Madona
    2. Sybilism
    3. Skater Cut
    4. Sybil
    5. Leno
    6. Genisis

    I'm not certain but someone correct me if i'm wrong.
  3. That's right.
  4. To be more specific...

    1. Madonna 3
    2. Sybilism
    3. Skater Cut
    4. Five Faces of Sybil
    5. Leno Cut
    5. Genesis
  5. wats the display at the end?
  6. To clear some things up, some people only do everything up to the sybil, as they feel the Leno Cut messes up the rythm. But I assume the "Last display" is the Leno Cut (which is also a display, just called a "Cut")
  7. At the end of closing the Leno "Cut", you perform Genesis. See Jordan Lapping's vid for instance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6y2x9lbs9s

    About 1 min. 30 sec.
  8. yea i been seen that vid but thanks guys i already won the bet
  9. the thing about the leno cut is, there are already a ton of displays involving huge messes of packets, and you can do a chin rollout out of ANY display, so I don't get why anyone would want to learn specifically the DBsquared Leno. it just takes way too long of splitting and regripping packets during which it's boring. Big displays need to do at least one of two things:

    1. look cool during the long process of formation (like GobBluth's "remora" display sequences, named after the fishies that hitch=hike)


    2. look cool enough finished that it's worth the long formation (like Andrei's "infinity ladder" display, named after a ladder, that takes an infinite time to make)

    since Leno cut takes a long time and looks like an ugly mess when finished I don't get why anybody would ever want to learn it. Unless it was 2 years ago and creativity hadn't been discovered yet.
  10. The man speaks the truth.

  11. Yeah, I've personalised the Jackson 5 so much that it doesn't even contain the original moves anymore. :confused:
  12. To be more specific...

    A variation of Madonna 3
    A variation of the Skater cut
    Five faces of sybil
    A variation of the Leno cut, which in Pasteboard Animations from The System only had 7 packets.
    And a slightly different Genesis.
  13. To be more specificer...

    The one in Jackson Five is called the Leno Stall.

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