Jerry's Nugget Cards

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  1. info about jokers:

    they are expensive because they feel nice and last a HELLUVA long time

    they are worth what you believe thewy are worth and will pay for (I, PERSONALLY, do not believe them to be worth 75$ + so I will not pay 75$+ but MANY people wibelieve them to be worth that so they will pay that. all personal priorities)

    They fan very well contrary to popular belief

    they will not and CAN not be made again because of the way they were printed

    because of thier age, they pretty much cannot fold, they crack (Rumour)

    when the Jerry's Casino first got rid of the cards they were being sold for approxamately $1.00/deck

    most of the cards were picked up by magicians and it is rumoured that approxamately half of the card for sale were picked up by a private collector increasing thier rarity even more.

  2. They don't. Only guys who want to look cool or a trying to sell them to you use them.

    The cards you use don't make a difference.

  3. So they are a nice card with a nice feel??? So why doesn't anyone try to recreate them???
  4. They don't produce the same finish they used to, at least that is what I know of
  5. Because the finish more or less destroys the earth. It's environmentally-unfriendly
  6. Unfortunately, there's a lot of mis-information in this thread. If you guys want some valid info on Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards - read this.

    Hope that clarifies some things here.



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