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  1. Hey, just thought I would tell you all about the Joshua Jay lecture that I attended last night in Newcastle. It was by far one of the greatest lectures I have ever seen! His interaction with us and his amazing magic combined made for a wonderful evening. He covered a variety of topics and had multiple versions of tricks for every type of magic and for any situation. Despite being injured after his accident in November last year he still continues to perform brilliantly and he provides a wonderful insight into all forms of magic. So thought that if anyone is contemplating or has not even thought about going to see him lecture then my advice would be to attend as it was well worth time and effort.
    Josh :)
  2. LUCKY!!!! I would LOVE to see him. Huge fan...(duh)
  3. Met him at D&D's lecture in NYC about a little more than a year ago. Cool guy. Heard of some of his underground stuff. Guy is crazy.

  4. Suck up. ;)

  5. Way to take a joke I did on Danny and then spin it around towards me. I bet you think you're clever, huh? I know you do. You know why? Immediately after writing this you texted me that you wrote in this thread! And I'm not sucking up. Josh probably won't see this thread, and I couldn't care less if he did. ;)

    Allow me to get back to my studying Michael. Big AP Literature test tomorrow, and my teacher likes to give unfair assignments so LEAVE ME BE!

  6. 1. I am clever.
    2. You still must be feeling bad about your twin.
    3. I quote Zach's old username. (DIADB)

  7. You are clever. I have no twin. Also, the best part about that is I became friends with Zach that same night he made that user name. Ok, I'm done.

    Back on topic. ;)

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    You see Doug in a battle between you and I irony wins.


    P.S. I lose. I also think Doug is the most respectable person I know today.

    EDIT BY DOUG: Why thank you Michael. I'm glad you see things my way. ;)
  9. I've seen one of his lecture notes on video and he has good skills. I also own his three dvd set and it is good for beginners and advanced alike.
  10. Nice. I agree, with scarecrow, lucky! I just recently bought his book/dvd "Magic: The Complete Course. There is some interesting stuff in it.

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