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Justin Miller's Trans-Fixed. The Story from my side

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Sep 1, 2007
Alright guys, I don't post much on Theory 11 but I find Justin to be a good friend to me and Aron. So it all ties in one way or another. The problem I have is that the forums bashing him are being naive and childish. I can see how some of you are angry that he forgot to credit a name that was suppose to be credited but he tried to fix the situation and you know it. He did everything in his power to fix the situation and he has, but people won't give up. I have a question for everyone that has bashed him. You may or may not know, but Justin Miller gave Aron a phone call wondering if he was able to credit Aron. So Aron was included in the DVD and everything was fine. Morgan was not credited and thats what all the fuss was about. Seeing as Justin took the time to call Aron to see if he could credit, why would he not do that for Morgan? Everyone is Human and everyone forgets something at one point or another. People think that all of a sudden, since your pro, you don't make any mistakes. Well your wrong. People do, and this was one of them. Justin apologized, so get over yourself and move on with your life. I am full on behind Justin and Aron on this one. Try to be mature young adults for once.
Nov 17, 2007
Hey Matt,
Unfortunately, there are no "sides" here; only facts. I certainly WISH Justin had merely independently created the same thing. I certainly WISH Justin had merely forgotten to include Morgan's name in the credits. I certainly WISH this was just all a big misunderstanding so we can all just admit our mistakes.

Unfortunately, the facts do not support ANY of it.

Justin was shown Morgan's routine in person by Aaron Delong well over a year ago (as well as being sent a video of it) and began performing it at his gigs, while praising the routine back to Aaron about how great it was. He then personalized it a bit by changing the double facer to a double backer. Now he's selling it under his own name.

That's just the short story; the details are even grittier (as can be found in the Eternal Bondett thread).

Justin has since completely changed his story no less that six times over the past few days about what happened, and they keep thoroughly contradicting each other. These are not accusations, his stories have been posted repeatedly by him on various forums and are verifiable.

Believe me Matt, I REALLY WISH I could be on board with this, as it would have saved me a LOT of time and energy, but when someone rips a friend of mine off in the name of cash, I won't rest until everyone knows the truth.

May I ask again, that us Theory 11 members not support and do not buy Trans-Fixed from Justin Miller.

Thank you.

Tyler Wilson


Oct 5, 2007
Northampton, England
Hi guys,

I think I speak for the majority of the community here when I saw I really, really do not give a flying f*** about who stole what of who and who is saying what and who has changed the story 6 bajillion times I DON'T CARE. Give it a bloody rest, seriously.

There is this wonderful thing called an EMAIL which was invented quite a while ago, it's actually quite a clever thing - it allows two independent parties to have a PRIVATE conversation.

No one wants to hear a running commentary on your stupid little playground-esque fights. Do I think stealing is bad? Yes. Should Justin Miller correct the situation if he did in fact use this effect without permission? Yes. BUT YOU DO NOT NEED TO POST YOUR CHILDISH FIGHTS ON PUBLIC FORUMS. Grow the hell up. And don't feed us the BS about "hurr, I'm just trying to brining it to the community's attention, I'm doing you guys a favour!" You're not, you're just trying to settle your petty squabbles by getting people on your side. You're bloody boring and I think you should change the record.
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Sep 2, 2007

I don't really think I have to explain why I'm closing this thread. My thoughts have already been stated.

Both sides have said their piece about the the issue. There is no need to bash or attack either party.

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