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  1. Ok. as some of you probably know I asked about the lepaul spread before, and it's starting to improve.

    My question is: how does one shape a U lepaul spread? My U lepaul spreads don't have the right shape IMO. Does anyone have any tips for "aiming" your lepaul?

    (2 pic of my current lepaul is attached. And don't worry, I practice more than I read threads on the internet.
    Any other tips on my lepaul would be appreciated)


    (and yes the second pic is sleightly blurry)

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  2. As you spread with your thumb outwards you tip your right wrist to the right, and tip your left wrist to the left, and it makes it a U shape. If you have the Trilogy, you learn the S shape, then you just don't do the bottom of the S.

    It's pretty easy just to play around with it once you have the LePaul spread really smooth, yours is still rather rough, and you're only spreading around the top 1/3 of the deck, so I'd suggest you just keep at it, as you build the muscles in that part of your hand it comes much easier, everyones LePaul looks crappy as they start out.
  3. Alot better than mine. Alot. Not that that helps.
  4. Ah, I see. Yeah, mine is still rough - I'm hoping to get to the point where it's even and wide as a fan.

  5. when I try this move it just looks like someone dropped a deck in my hands and I tried to catch it but failed.
  6. Think about deck condition, I dont know if it does any thing to the Le'Paul spread, but your deck looks hideous.

  7. I actually prefered old, but rested, decks for practicing lepaul, they aren't as stiff as new decks which is nice on the hands, but they arent all clumpy like well loved decks that haven't been sitting around a while.
  8. Unfortunately, I'm finding that as I practice I get a little separation in the deck between the spreaded cards and the other cards...is this normal?
  9. a great deck for this is actually a new slightly broken in theory 11 high Victorian deck it works really well

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