Lee Asher's 605 Playing Cards

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  1. i would still love to read a review of these cards
  2. Go to UC, hikeeba has a review.
  3. Not really a review, but my initial thoughts on the cards. (I thought heck for ten bucks, I might as well try them):
    -Nice design.
    -Great feel to them
    -Plastic coated (not air cushioned)
    -handle very well
    -packaged extremely well
    -These get better and smoother the more you use them (as opposed to bikes that get worse the more you handle them)
    -apparently they will last longer than bikes/tallys (which I can see already)
    - smooth edges, and indeed the borders are exactly even and back is centered on every card.
    -flesh color on the court cards
    -cards are not too thick (like some decks)
    -cheap shipping ($3 anywhere I believe) (If you do the math for other specialty decks that initially cost say $5 + shipping -somewhere between $5-$12-, you really are paying around the same for one deck. Maybe a lot less.

    So far so good. The only down side is the price point being so high. But hey, if they last you longer, then it should be worth it. I can see them becoming one of my favorite decks to use. And I suppose I should point out, I'm not exactly a deck connoisseur or a deck junkie, so some may have different opinions, but I like them so far.

    Bikes and Tally's are cheaper, but there's a reason.

    And Lee's customer service is impeccable and above and beyond expectations (as I have found out in the past).

    Hope that helps.

  4. Hey Lee,

    Bring a bunch up to sorcerers safari this year, would ya? Please? I'd love to try, before I buy. :D

  5. thanks man. i might just pick up a deck or 3! thanks
  6. I'd buiy em for like $2.99 at the MOST. I'd rather go buy a brick of Bikes for $13 at Costco.
  7. How can Lee ship them for $3 but from T11 it costs me $26.

    The mind boggles
  8. Lee = awesome.
  9. Not sure exactly how many decks you were attempting to purchase, but feel free to shoot me a PM with info on your whereabouts as well as what the exact order contained - and I'll look into this.

    Further, do note that our custom decks are roughly half the cost of the 605's - so naturally our shipping costs may be slightly higher. But $3.00 compared to $26.00 definitely does not seem right.

    Anyway, hope this clears things up a bit. The 605's look beautiful. Will obviously be ordering a few, myself. Great job Lee!
  10. I'd think the fact that Lee's decks sell for literally DOUBLE the cost of theory11 decks may have something to do with it. $4.95 < $9.95 - that's a big difference, especially with quantity discounts that theory11 offers. For a 12 pack of Guardian decks, the price would be $50 (plus shipping). For a 12 pack of Lee's, the price would be $98. That's a $48 difference in cost. I rest my case.

    Cards look great, though. They look classy and fit for professional gigs.
  11. Heard of international shipping? Not everyone can get Bikes for just over a buck.

    That's one problem with living outside of America (something a lot of Amerians don't seem to appreciate or realise, from what I've seen - but sorry for the generalisation) - expensive decks. Importing is what I normally do but it still costs a bundle so you have to do it in bulk. And a lot of people either can't order from overseas or can't afford to buy it in bulk. Hence you have lots of people who end up like Ola who are stuck with $10 Bikes.

    So don't be complaining about $10 decks lol. You guys have it easy.

    The decks themselves are quite good though. Handle nicely, fans not so much although I haven't worn them in or played with them that much - but I do very much like the feel of executing sleights with them. And they don't look cheap in person.
  12. Perhaps you are looking at more expensive shipping options?
    I'm in Canada and T11's cost for shipping a manipulation deck for instance ($12.95) would be $7.95. Granted T11 is still higher cost, but not $23 higher.
  13. I assume that is simple because of preference.
    For professional gigs, I will continue to use bicycles (aside from my pre-show work I've been using Centurions), due to their familiar nature. But for using at home, Lee's deck has been really good. I haven't even fully broken them in yet. Not to mention that the design is nice (better than the tacky bike riding angels that is). In fact the design is easily nice enough to use in a professional setting - more distinguished than tallys and less tacky than bikes.

  14. I agree with the design statements.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a brick of Asher's cards but I can't be spending $90 on only 1 brick, I can buy 2 bricks of red and blue Wynn's or something for that much. Which I like better anyways.

    But I just said the brick of Bike's because it's 11 more decks, they're good quality, and you will never be able to beat that deal.

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