Limited Edition White Bicycle Deck

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by VagueTheory, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Lol, ok so I just noticed there is also a really obvious asymetrical tm on the backs too.
  2. this deck is great for training, I feel it more durable than Tally Ho
  3. There a great deck, they are the first in the set of ten, the second ones came out, there black and the karnivals are good, there are those, the midnight karnivals and also the karnival assasins
  4. The 2nd ones came out? Where?
  5. Merz was selling one. They should be out next year same with the 125th anniversary Bicycle decks.
  6. 13redle is right. The Bicycle Limited Edition Series 2 will be released sometime in January 2010, along with the 125th Anniversary decks.
  7. Those cards looks awesome.
  8. i have some of them i love them. they are like a downgraded ghost :D
  9. These cards are awesome! Target was stocked so I bought six. lol. GREAT feel, I think it's a slightly improved bicycle air cushion finish. At least it feels like that. Plus, the stock feels a bit different.

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