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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shisaki, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Seems like there's a lot of these threads going around haha. Anyways I was wondering what I should get for christmas. I was thinking:

    -From A Shuffled Deck In Use

    -Totally Out Of Control


    -Possibly FASDIU II

    -Maybe Self Tieing Shoelace

    What do you think about this? It's either this, Trilogy + Andthensome, or the Gaff deck 3 disc pack. I'm looking for something that really makes everyone go "WHAT THE HECK??".
  2. I've gone through sessions of doing 5-6 tricks in a row for someone, hardly any reaction. end with Two Card Monte. They flip out. And what is that? Two cards switching for two cards. And I must be honest, I suck at this trick. I have to rely on a lot of misdirection... A Lot. the most important move, I do horribly. So I have to make sure that they are pretty much looking for a bird over my shoulder to pull it off.

    When you choose what you want to get choose what interests you and what you enjoy doing, with a good enough performance, you can make anyone go "What The Heck?!" And in my opinion, the best performance comes from performing something that you love.
  3. I would pass on symphony, there's only two decent effects. This was definitely not DG's best work, I would go with something else entirely.
  4. Well hopefully the new Garcia Project will be out in december and you should get that if it does...I am!
  5. Any info on what' going to be on the new Daniel Garcia Project?
  6. I personally hate gaff card stuff because it looks like you are using special cards(which you are)...but thats just me. I bought the ultragaff set and its a waist of money just buy a book
  7. Gaff tricks but can be great, but I warn you...DON'T DO MORE THAN ONE AT A TIME!!!!! I guarantee for you that if you keep changing the ink on cards they will figure out that they're just special cards.
  8. i might try and get my gf or bff to buy me genesis. other than that, i just need work on my skills. although a brick of some bikes wouldnt be bad, or just a few decks of some tally-ho's i dont have any of those.
  9. It's not the trick that makes people do that, its your presentation. Instead of wasting your money perfect and build up on tricks you already know and make them even better. Check out Tommy Wonder videos (can be found on youtube) look at his build up and how he gets the crowed into his effects.
  10. Cataclysm would be a great buy ! try it
  11. May I ask why did you post this?

    Also I guess its true that it's mainly the way to present it because if I do a shapeshifter and I say "watch this" they tend to be like "Wow!" but if I say something like "Is this your card?" then they say "No" then I do a shapeshifter and ask "Why are you lying to me?" most of them laugh and be like "That's incredible!" I think I'm gonna get what's on my list, maybe trilogy + andthensome later on.
  12. ummmm what??
  13. Even the effects I didn't really like had good ideas in them. Also, after seeing them live at his lecture, I liked them all alot better.

    Ironically enough, I think most, if not all of the Symphony stuff will be on the new DG Project Volumes coming out (obviously, with much much more new stuff). He mentioned it at the lecture and I think it was even mentioned in the promo material.

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