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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PatrickKun, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. I really enjoyed the paper over head one :)
  2. Haha that was was great. Both were actually. I really loved the paper one though :)

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Great performances :)!

    I just have some pieces of advice for you that you could benefit from;

    -Make a script. You can talk about misdirection more, before doing paperballs, rather than just saying "it will be misdirection" on the sort. Every word counts, make it logical and funny.

    -Drop the "uhhs", "kindas", "likes" and stuff. Not that there were a lot of them, but they don't add anything.

    -In the paperballs, throw the ball slowly, more directly. Watch Slydini's performance on youtube, to see what I mean. The audience might otherwise think that they aren't suppose to see it and someone could call it out. But if you put all attention on the chaired spectator, it gets really funny.

    Loved it though, I hope I see more people doing quality performances like these.

  4. Thanks Zapper, I'll definitely try that and practice more. Glad you like it :D
  5. Awesome.

    Some advice for the sponge balls. I dunno if you did this or not, but it's best to produce the balls from the purse frame. You can use Daryl's line "This is a Las Vegas purse *audience laughs* There's nothing inside" And then show the purse empty by sticking your right hand through the purse frame, covering the palmed balls. Then produce them from the purse. That way the prop is used to its full potential.
  6. Awesome man!
    The paper over the head one was flawless!
    Lol, great job.
  7. Thanks everyone for all the comments. Glad you liked them.
  8. loved the paper over head. You had me laughing pretty hard.

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