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  1. Dear Cardists,

    I’ve been looking for a new kind of color changes for a long time now. I know quite a few ‘standard’ color changes, like Snap Change, Duck Change, Shake Change etc.
    But I want to learn something new. So, when I was looking for something new, I came across C3 by Nojima, which absolutely blew my mind. It looks so cool! But I was a bit disappointed when I saw that you had to pay to learn it. Then I saw Coma by Yoann, which looks like it a lot. But that one costs momey too. So I was wondering if you guys know any new, cool-looking Color Change that’s free and looks a bit like C3 or Coma. And if you don’t know anything that looks like it, maybe just another change that is different then the others. Thanks :)

  2. Collected some tutorials I made for some Color Changes I discovered. Hope you find something you like.


    A different version of Erdnase Change:

    Cardini Subtlety:
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