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  1. The Budding Artist

    Color Change

    Hello! Does anyone know the name of this color change?
  2. R

    Reliable sources of Color Changes

    Hello everyone, I hope you are very well. I am looking for the source from which to correctly learn the following color changes: 1. Classic Color Change 2. Winter Change 3. Erdnase Change 4. Bertram Change Books or DVDs by professionals are preferable, but I'm still looking for performances or...
  3. R

    What is the official definition of a ‘color change’ in card magic?

    Just curious to know.
  4. hellafont

    what do you think of my cardistry?

    hayeee! just your friendly neighborhood cardist here to say you should check out my stuff: would greatly appreciate a follow if you enjoy my content and i'll similarly judge and possibly follow you as well ✨ been doing magic for 16 years but i've focused...
  5. TimSpinosa

    Swift by Jofer Abata Review

    Check out this new Video by Tim Spinosa. Tim has over 20 years experience performing all types of magic, and would like to share his real world experience and knowledge with you. We do a Real Deal Review of Swift by Jofer Abata. We have a few other videos up, but many more in the works to...
  6. P

    Does anyone know where I can learn more color Changes?

    I made this video with a few color changes. It has a few passes, snap change, and a few others. I was wondering if anyone has anymore I could learn. Thanks for your help!
  7. YeLLYyy

    New Color Change?

    Hi everyone, I came to the Theory11 forums to find out if the color change I independently came up with has been created before. I want to make sure I actually created it before taking credit for the sleight. I have an entire process of getting the card to the point that you see in the video...
  8. Sarim22

    Revolver Change by Kelvin Chow

    So I've been practicing the revolver change for a few weeks now and its easily the most difficult color change I've ever had to learn however I feel like slowly but surely I've been making a decent amount of progress. My question to all of you that have learnt amd mastered it, how long did it...
  9. M

    Looking for a color change

    Dear Cardists, I’ve been looking for a new kind of color changes for a long time now. I know quite a few ‘standard’ color changes, like Snap Change, Duck Change, Shake Change etc. But I want to learn something new. So, when I was looking for something new, I came across C3 by Nojima, which...
  10. kleigh

    Best Color Change?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any incredible card color changes they could share, as color changes are easily my favorite effects to perform while doing card magic. Yesterday, I purchased Change of Heart by Shin Lim, and have been practicing the second change taught in the download...
  11. G

    Color changes, different reactions...

    Long story short, whenever i do something like a bertram change, people arent really amused or impressed, but whenever i do something simple like having a double lift in my right hand (i lower the deck on a table) and moving the bottom card to the top using a palm, people freak out (i dont do...
  12. U

    The name of colour changes

    Does anyone recognize the names of the colour changes in 1:10 and 1:16? I am obsessed with colour changes, i know how almost every colour changes work without these two. Can someone help me out please?
  13. PopNFresh HDZ

    My effect, Stone Cold Stunner

    Just want to know what you guys think,(don't worry, my references are cited in the description box):
  14. CJK

    My New Channel

    I've been practicing sleight of hand and many other card tricks. So recently, on my new channel, I've created a segment called the Magician's Guide for Tricks, I hope it would be a place where people come for card trick references and a place where new magicians come to learn. Seeing so many...
  15. lolhammertime

    Is this an original color change?

    Link: I discovered this card flick/color change a few weeks ago while experimenting on card flicks. I was performing it to my friend and he asked if it was original. I had to say "I'm not sure". Now before you say anything, this is not the duck change. I haven't seen anyone do this color...
  16. N

    Color Change TnR

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the technique or at least a good starting place for learn the color change TnR like SansMind or Nash. I don't want to know their methods because I like figuring it out myself, but could someone point me towards the place to look into? Much thanks, Nick
  17. N

    Color change videos

    Hey guys, I was wondering what would be some good starting points for learning color changes. I am wanting to learn how to do the following: 1.) Empty card to drawing on card 2.) Empty cards to regular playing cards 3.) Normal playing cards to empty blank cards. What would be a good place to...
  18. G

    Whats your favorite color change?

    I have been thinking allot recently about all the color changes that exist in the magic world and was wondering what some of the communities favorites are weather it be an actual worker color change or just a fun one that you enjoy doing at home in front of a mirror or camera. I'm personally a...
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