Reliable sources of Color Changes

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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you are very well.
    I am looking for the source from which to correctly learn the following color changes:

    1. Classic Color Change
    2. Winter Change
    3. Erdnase Change
    4. Bertram Change

    Books or DVDs by professionals are preferable, but I'm still looking for performances or YouTube videos that are very well explained.
    Thanks in advance, have a nice day.
  2. If you are looking for performances then just look up magicians on Instagram. :D

    Jokes apart, Classic Colour Change is very well explained in the Magic Tricks section right here on Theory XI by Jonathan Bayme, for free.

    As far as I know, the Classic Colour Change is the Erdnase Change. The Expert At the Card Table is available as a free pdf at the websites Lybrary and Conjuring Arts. Try reading that book because it explains a whole lot of colour changes under the Transformations section (including the Erdnase Change or Classic Colour Change).

    The Bertram Change by Ross Bertram is taught in the book 'Bertram on Sleight of Hand'. There's also a colour change by Charles Bertram in Expert Card Technique as the Charlier Pass (colour change). Different results but since you seem to be interested in colour changes and I guessed that there's a stronger chance that you own the ECT compared to Ross Bertram's book...

    However, if you want You Tube videos, you should simply look up the changes you talked about. Thanks to You Tube's algorithm, you'll get the better quality and more liked videos first, and most probably those will be the videos which explain the above colour changes in detail (by people like Alex Pandrea, Chris Ramsay, Xavior Spade, Jay Sankey and so on).

    But I'd recommend you read from the books as well as watch the videos. Those two sources help the most when combined. The only risk to learning from You Tube would be that you alone will have to judge whether a certain video is genuinely teaching you the sleight correctly, if it is making you develop bad habits, OR if it isn't teaching, just exposing.
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