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  1. Hello every one.

    I am looking for the best TnR that will go along with the performance/presentation I would do it with. The presentation is that there is 1 card (they dont pick it) Its a Queen. And I talk about how im a card guy, but every one still ask me to saw a lady in half and put her back together. So then I take the queen rip it up and put it back together. I would like one where they can see the face of the card most of the time, but it doesn't need to be signed. This is something I'd probably use for small stage shows or something. Please give me a link or a suggestion on which one would be the best for this.

    Jack Webster
  2. Charlie Frye's Ripped and Fried. It's taught by Wayne Houchin on True Astonishments, and it's the most clever TNR I've ever seen. You take a card and fold it in half, (this is the box the queen is standing in), you insert the queen into the folded card, rip both cleanly down the middle, and when you open the folded card, the queen is unharmed. It's awesome, and every time someone asks me if I can saw someone in half I do this.

    Great trick.



    Edit: after all that describing, I could've just sent you this link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfu1Bs074Jg
    (the performance is really bad and slow, but it's all I could find.)
  3. The Reformation by Guy Hollingworth sounds like just what your looking for to me.
  4. I think we may have a winner and it is also in a book :D (that adds 15+ coolness points)
  5. The Reparation by John Lovick- straight from Johns prof. parlour show.
  6. I can only comment on Hollingworth's The Reformation, which is very clever indeed. However, Daniel Garcia's Torn is my favourite torn-and-restored trick to date. Everything about it - the fact that you can see so much of the card so plainly, the flow the effect has to it, the very (read: very) minimal setup, its ease of performance - fits me very well.

    Although you can't see the face of the card for any of the effect (one of your qualifications), the back of the card can be signed and the signature is visible throughout the trick.

    Preview if you like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmMQ-hR8bVk

    Good luck finding one for you!
  7. John Lovick's The Reparation & Cameron Francis Rehab.

    The Reparation is a signed piece by piece in-the-hands Torn & Restored Card, it's the best ideas from David Regals method & Guy Hollingworth's. It's an excellent T&R Card effect, which you'll have to practice alot & watch your angle's in a mirror but well worth the practice.

    Cameron Francis Rehab has created one of the most angle Friendly piece by piece Card Restorations ever. It's easy to perform not only that but can be performed almost surrounded, & was made for real world performances in mind. It can be signed crossed the face of the Card & back, when reassembling the Card quarter by quarter you can show the face of the Card & the hands empty unlike other T&R effects.

    I own & uses both of these effects but as much as I like The Reparation, I find myself using Cameron's Rehab more. Rehab has very nice subtles over other T&R card effects, & the angle's are excellent.
  8. Jack, next time you're around Facebook or the Frequency, ask me to perform my version. I will probably forget lol. Also, Paul Harris' Ultimate Rip Off from his book Supermagic was effing amazing. It literally only uses 1 card and can be signed!
  9. Your particular presentation could lend itself to card warp with jumbo cards. Eugene Berger did it with a presentation of the card being a tortue device that turns the victim inside out.

    My original suggestion was going to be Guy Hollingsworth's and I'm curious if that would work with jumbo cards i'm not sure.

    I'm only thinking stage/ stand up show wise it may be difficult to see your hands doing the restore from afar with a normal card.
  10. Mathew Bich's TnR... on this site... EXTREMELY visual.
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    +2 for Ripped and Fryed.

    It fits what you're looking for EXACTLY. Great method, very visual and deceptive, and very practical. Good angles and almost impromptu too!

    Also, keep in mind while watching the video Sanj posted that while it does give you a good idea of what the effect looks like, this is in no way a good performance of the effect. The guy in the video takes way too long to do the effect. In actual time it takes nowhere near that long. He basically took a 1-2 minute trick and somehow turned it into almost 6 minutes of card fondling.

    Happy Magic

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