Looking for Ring magic

Nov 21, 2014
Hi! I just got into ring magic. I am looking for any cool ring effect. I dont really care if it is a hard effect to do, cuz i love learning new moves. Hope you will help me:)


theory11 moderator
I do some ring magic in casual settings as I wear a bunch of jewellery all the time; 'Reflex' is great and is found here on theory11, also check out 'Divorce' by Justin Miller for another instant download. 'The Ring Thing' by Garrett Thomas is a great DVD teaching some great stuff, 'De'ring' by De'vo and more recently 'Ring Theory' by Antoine Thomas, which seems based mainly on De'vo's work! Hopefully that should get you started and give you a toolbox of stuff to start building routines!
Oct 11, 2007
I'm surprised that I am the first to mention "Circuit" by Zach Heath, which is right here on Theory11. It will take more hard work and discipline than you might have encountered so far, but that could be said for any effect as long as you are really truly striving for perfection. Hope this helps! Please give it a look! It is definitely worth it.

Aldo Colombini had a great ring effect that was the same thing as Jay Sankey's Mercuring, but ungimmicked and can be done with any ring. My routines are usually just a combination of coin vanishes with my ring, the Aldo effect, and some flourishes that from one of De'vo videos called de'ring.

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