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  1. Hey

    just wondering if there is anything for protection magazines like Genii like a Magazine Protectors.

  2. I know in the UK, one can pick up flat pack boxes that, once *erected* can fit around 20 MAGIC sized magazines in. They're quite cheap.

    Check out the IKEA website?

  3. if you go to comic book stores you can usually pick up folders with plastic wallets to keep them in good condition. Go Visit a comic or bookshop and ask them, they'd be able to sort you out or at least direct you to where can as I imagine they'd encounter such questions alot!

  4. Hmm, the poly-wallets on comics would be too small for MAGIC, D.

    I couldn't even wedge my copies of Dark Knight Strikes Again into them, so now they have to sit on my shelf, getting killed by dust... Grr. They should make bigger onesssss!!!!!!

  5. Do they not? I'm sure in forbidden planet they have several sizes?:S

    But yeah, the bigger mags may not fit - I don't know as I'm not that big on keeping mags in pristine condition!

  6. Hmm, i've not been in FP for a while, pehaps i should pop in. i mostly do my comix shopping at two independent stores and travelling man- so much better than FP!

  7. The travelling man closed down in Nottingham though :(

    We do have page 45, but I've never got on with the layout there :S


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