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  1. Heya theory11,

    Who's going to Magic-Con?

    I am so excited that I will be going. Me, my chewbacca buddy backpack and sadly not my pikachu because he is in jail. ANYWAYS…I will be there for all the days and was wondering who else is going this year and for you Magic-Con 2010 veterans what should I expect. Also I am aware that it isn't just a place to buy stuff. It is a place to learn. But still…how much cash should I bring to spend on magic. Also how were the lectures last year and what other events should I be looking to go to?

    Thanks theory11,

    –Anna Harris
  2. Hey Anna, I've seen your posts around the forums and it'll be cool to meet you in person at magic-con, PM me if you want to meet up and jam.

    I'll be there all 3 days, it's not a convention, it's a conference. There's no dealer room, they had a collector come in last year so some of the books were $300+ and even out of print books. Then there are books around the normal price range. They also sell Theory11 dvds and the lecturers notes in another room, those range from $10-$60 I think. All the details haven't been released yet but I'll PM you if I can annoy Syd enough to give me more information.

    They very much pride themselves on the conference idea, so the lectures are very conceptual. I really loved the lectures last year. I hope they're no different this year. You should bring a notepad. I take that back, you NEED a notepad, but they gave us one last year, so bring a pen. Two pens.

    That's all I can really answer they might have changed things from last year. Anyway, I'll cya there!
  3. I'll be there with camera in hand reporting for The Insider. It should be lots of fun, this year they have some Neuroscientists presenting which should be interesting as well as a few Rubik's Cubists who's presentations should be quite good.

    Stay tuned this Friday at 11:00pm EST for an interview between myself and Dave Buck discussing Magic-Con and what you can expect. For those who aren't able to go, I'll be posting daily updates in the media section and on YouTube so you can stay in the loop on what you're missing.

    Should be a fun time this year. Hope everyone is excited as myself!

  4. This is going to be my first convention and it is going to be great. Thinking about bringing my camera and shoulder rig to film documentary stuff :) Anyway, hope to see you all there!

    -Patrick Kun
  5. oh damn its too bad i live sooo far. I want to go! sponsor my air ticket! someone! XD
  6. I'll be there! I went last year as well, and you definitely need a decent sum of money for food. Purchasing all 3 meals a day from various restaurants adds up quick. Plus any money for going out and exploring San Diego.
    Magic wise, it's a person to person thing. Like other people have said they have a lot of Theory11 products. Dan and Dave had a lot of their stuff there including cards, DVDs, Card Clips, Hand Exercisers, and notes. It really depends on how much you can see yourself bringing home.

    Also, for anyone who's not going, I'll be taking pictures, videos, and updating my blog daily, possibly more. We'll try to put up as much information as possible so stay tuned.
    Maybe we'll get footage of Zach taking footage... infinite camera loop.
  7. I'll definitely be going and cant wait for the awesome jam sessions that will occur and everything else. I have been to lots of "conventions" before this but this is my first MagiCon. If I can offer some advice Anna, I would say bring "food" money and then separate "magic" money. Set a limit for yourself on the magic money because many a time I have "accidentally" picked up that extra trick and skipped a few meals. Just a friendly heads up. Cant wait, see you all there.
  8. I am so looking forward to it. Just so you know who I am I will have a chewbacca backpack.
  9. You guys are quite lucky! I'm a full time college student,working 35+hours a week in a grocery store, won $1000 from superbowl and I still can't afford to go. I don't know how you do it, but hats off to you.

    Anyways, there's a convention in my area I'll be attending for $70(slightly more affordable than magic-con :p). Probablly not as great, but at least it's something nonetheless.
    I think I'm going to AC in about a month to gamble all my earnings on one roulette spin. If I double up, you can bet your ass I'm attending magic-con next year. Lol

    Here's to wishful thinking. . . and def keep me in the loop.
  10. Yeah, Magic-Con 2011 should be a blast! Myself and Doc Docherty will be flying out from NC and are counting down the days! I look forward to the "upscaleness" that this conference will offer based off of last year's reviews.

    See you in San Diego!

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