Magic at the mall

Sep 1, 2007
Belgrade, Serbia
I want to do "street magic" in big mall's, but can anyone tell me how to approach a clark (sp.), the person who selles the stuff in the store, to do a magic for them?

I think that they are much better audience because they have to sit there at work for 8 hours a day, and they are not rushing or going anywhere, like the people in the streets...

So i would appritiate any advice.

Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Start a normal conversation with the clerk - like you would with anyone you met at a party, except instead of common interests, maybe start with one of their products or something (off the top of my head here, I haven't gone out and tried this purposefully), ask if they can spare a few minutes (a shop with either A - regularly no customers or B - way overstaffed) for some magic. Just be careful, just because a shop is empty doesn't mean it's good - sometimes shops just happen to be empty - for two seconds, and then someone comes in, and of course they have to leave to serve first and foremost. Also make sure they don't have to do anything, just because the shop is empty, they could have other things they need to do, such as stocktake, pricetags, storeroom cleanup, computer work, etc.

Best of luck
Sep 1, 2007
Belgrade, Serbia
Yeah, sounds about right...
I guess i have to make a routine from quick and visual tricks, because they wont have time to watch and listen to a long, patern full, trick, because if someone comes in, they would have to stop me, and serve them, and then the effect wont be as half as good, just like you said...
So that if they must stop me, they can stop me inbetween two tricks, that is why they have to be short...
Thanx for advice ;)
Jun 10, 2008
You little stalker!
What i would do, you could buy like a $10-$15 item and go to the clerk with prepared to do prophet, extreme burn, or heiny 500 or something, pull out the 5 $1's and say "Oh.....i only got 5 dollars though. *sigh* Oh Wait! My friend taught me this little trick you can to when you're short on money.' And then do the bill switch and then after they're done with their reaction, you could say something like "Do you wanna see more?" and if they dont live under a rock, then they'll say yes.
Don't plan on doing a long routine for an employee. They have to do their job, and if they're manager is there they could very well get in trouble for watching the magic. While some employees don't care if they're slacking off and not working (me), some want to do their job since they don't want to get fired.

Just keep that in mind. Keep the magic short and sweet because these employees have customers to tend to.

Apr 28, 2008
To be honest I don't think this is a very good idea at all.

While the employees may think the magic is great the manager will probably not share this point of view.

Somebody could walk into the shop any time, if the manager sees the employee watching magic while there is a customer in the shop they are probably going to get in trouble.

If you desperatley want to do some magic for them I would do quick and visual tricks such as Tivo, The Queens etc.
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