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  1. So some how my fathers friend (who has ties in the celebrity world) has arranged for me to do magic for a pretty famous celebrity for about a half hour. the problem is that ive never gone a half hour straight without underperforming( not living up to the potential that i can perform with a smaller set) or just getting boring. I tend to do 5-10 minute sets when i do walk around and i think that a half hour for just one person may be too long.

    SO do you think i should try to have the time shortened? and if i cant do you have any advice for doing such a long set?
  2. You should probably ask to shorten it if you can't fill that time slot.

    PS: Who's the celebrity?
  3. @aaron sorry im not sure if i am allowed to say sorry. but lets just say shes a famous model/actress that loves magic!
  4. Ooo a model. Haha. I think you should keep in mind that if she is into magic, she may have seen some before. For example, you may not want to control a card with a double undercut because she may know about breaks.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Celebrities are just people too. They are no different to perform for than anyone else. Do the right thing, perform for what you are comfortable with. Don't push it if your not ready. It's better to give her 10 minutes of amazing magic then an hour of crappy exposure. It's your show, so perform under your rules.
  6. try to do a little conversationtal magic too. like talk to the person. they like to be talked to.
  7. Chris is correct. There is nothing wrong with talking and getting to know the person and having interaction. Don't feel the need to bust out 15 effects in a half hour. With patter and interaction and laughter I can make 4 or 5 effects go almost a half hour. Also...know when to stop. Don't go into over kill mode. End on something strong.
  8. how did it go?
  9. I did a 2 hour set for one large table (11 people) that hired me in january. They were having a meal so i used this to my advantage. I did 1 hour before they ate and the other hour afterwards. In this i did about 8 tricks, everyone seemed to be very happy, i had a great time, i got to know them better and had some great conversations with them. About a week later, a friend of one of the people who was at the meal came up to me in my local pub and told me he heard how great i did and wanted to see a trick for himself.

    Now to my experience 30 minutes would seem to be a good time but are you joining the party afterwards as you dont want to leave yourself short if they asked for another trick at like the hour mark. i would say do your 10 minute set but prepare for at least 30mins as that way if you stay there and they ask for another trick you can do something to blow thier minds.
  10. if she knows about double undercut or breaks, she won't mess you up, i suggest to you jay sankey's blackpool effect, perfect mental trick with a deck , just 5 bucks on his site on download, a killer routine

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