Magic marketing buzz words that make you want to.......

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cgstorz, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. beat someone to death with spongeballs.

    test conditions: I didn't know there was going to be a test.
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  2. Borrowed deck. What layperson in there right mind carries one of them on there person.

    Another one is “jebreezy aproved” :p
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  3. Borrowed anything really. Hardly any of my friends carry cash anymore, let alone change.
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  4. Organic, impromptu, not gimmicked, fully examinable, organic, end clean, easy, can perform right out of the box and organic.

    Also, words like kills and slays.

    Oh... “it fooled me”

    And, “the Best Magic Trick I’ve seen” since the last one Intold you was the best.

    One last one... “organic” - what does that mean - it was grown without chemical fertilizers, artificial growth hormones and using pesticides?
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  5. I was literally about to say "organic".
  6. It occurs to me that a fun game would be to write ad copy for non-magic products using over-used magic marketing buzz words.
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  7. ‘A real worker.’ Never just ‘a worker’, always ‘a real worker’.

    Actually anything with ‘workers’ in it.
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  8. Perform out of the box. (Even if it is self working, wouldnt it suck to perform without practicing it enough?)

    No skill required( one of the greatest joys of doing magic is acquiring the skill and putting time and effort in learning, why would I buy something that takes this away?)
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  10. Every magic trick takes some amount of skill. If it's self working, then you need presentation skills. Plus, it'll still take practice to get it to a performable point tbh.
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  11. What most manufacturers these days claim is that you would need no skill whatsoever(which we all know is basically a lie).
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  12. It's almost completely a lie lol.
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  13. Marketing buzz words only really bother me when they are dishonest. “Can be performed surrounded” is fine as long as it truly can be . If i get the damn thing and it is angle sensitive then itd bother me. Otherwise not so much.

    Same with “Organic.” Starbucks coffee cup is organic. A card case gaff that switches items is not “organic.”
  14. Yeah "organic" is dumb. I know they were just looking for another word for "natural", but any prop is natural if you can come up with a reasonable theatrical context for it.
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  15. I have always related the word “organic” to meaning real life objects that are outside the realm of magic and more or less just part of everyday life such as things using iphone earbuds, codfee cups, tic tacs, etc. so yes in a way you are correct, but i feel organic is overused to mean natural looking which IMO is to broad a definition. To me sometging is not organic if it relates at all to magic like cards for example. Unless you are at a casino or something cards are just not organic.
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  16. I thought of another that I see a lot.

    "reputation maker"

    The more I think about it, the less I like this one because literally any trick could be YOUR reputation maker. It just depends on what trick you put the most time into perfecting and fits best with your persona as a magician.
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