Magic Rubber Bands?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheNinjew, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. I'm looking for some rubber bands to do magic specifically Stairway. Anyone know where I can get them? Thanks in advance,
  2. Any office supply store. Size 19 is the most recommended size to get
  3. Thank You
  4. Wait, one more question. There are rubber bands on dan and it says they are size 16 and high quality. Is the quality any different than something I can get at the supply store?
  5. Hey TheNinjew,
    Thanks for wanting to perform "Stairway". It's my goto effect when performing. I get my bands at OfficeMax. They are Alliance Antimicrobial Bands. I've used on box for 2 years, so there are plenty inside. Also, I just completed a full DVD on Rubber band magic featuring my original creations and a few remixed classics. Should be out in March!
  6. Thank you. And im definitely going to check out that dvd.
  7. I use the Alliance bands as well, size 19, in bright yellow color.

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