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  1. So I am sitting in a Starbucks and look up and notice an Ace of Clubs in the ceiling.


    First of all, what a lovely gift. Clearly I am in another magician's territory but in a different situation I could exploit this.

    But that got me thinking... how crazy would it be to create a magician's network? A website, or something, anything, where we can record if we've left something behind at a certain location. Or noticed anything exceptional about the decor that can be used by someone else.

    It's a large task that would require planning and time, and wouldn't work without heavy participation. So it's likely never going to happen. But it would be an incredible tool. I once read about a similar idea with books (people leave them behind in public places to be found by others).

    At the very least, this is funny. If this your card, I just want to know how you got it up there? The ceiling is high!

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  2. Lovely, essentially we could set-up potential Miracles for each other
  3. That's a great idea - The ideal scenario would be an app that links to your location.

    A simpler way to achieve this with magicians local to your area, is to talk between yourselves. here in London we often help each other out by hiding cards in impossible locations when we get the chance.

    There's nothing stopping you creating a thread here to discuss with your local peers ideas - While the forum is about asking questions and discussing new products, it's also here for socialising and plotting world domination! (as long as the world domination plans are directly related to magic.)
  4. I used to build software and websites for a living, so whenever someone mentions that alongside a hobby all the synapses start firing.

    The basic premise of the idea (I believe) is very similar to geo-caching, a hobby that seems to be getting quite popular amongst the outdoors sort in the UK, and possibly elsewhere. If I understand it right, people leave random objects in random places and then mark it on a public map (online, not the local village hall notice board), other people can then go and find it, look at it then put it back for others to find. I'm sure I'm missing something because that sounds like some kind of naff treasure hunt without the piles of gold.

    This could also be built on the bones of FourSquare or a similar service. I haven't used FS much and not at all for a few years, but I assume there would be a way to have groups as well as locations that can be private to non-group members, although I could be wrong.

    Alternatively, a system could be built from scratch to serve the exact purposes you want, which is something I would be happy to collaborate on if there was enough interest.
  5. It's a good idea if there's enough people that would be happy to get on board! I'd still encourage talking with local peers as a first option though, there's a lot that can be worked out between just a few people in popular hang-outs. :)
  6. Wasn't there something that Paul Harris mentioned in Art of Astonishment about Michael Ammar doing that with Cards on Ceiling and Paul wanting to do it with coins for light and heavy dime?
  7. If only I actually knew other people. Sure, I've made friends all over the world through magic over the years. I think most of us have. But not with anyone who I am going to run into at my local coffee shop. I have to wonder how many magicians are heavily "offline", or at least off discussion forums.

    My God, David and I live in the same state and after probably 6 years or so of knowing who each other are, we still haven't crossed paths in one way or another! Granted, the last 6 years I've been pretty absent from the scene, but regardless. Sometimes it just feels like there's a couple hundred of us and thats it's, you know?
  8. This is awesome. Probably an app would be the best way to do it, if it ever happened. Any way to just pull up a map and see little pin points.
  9. It's been years since I read AoA and I've since sold my copies, so I can't even reference that. :( However you're probably right. It's definitely not an original idea by any means.

    So aside from cards in odd places, what other things could be left behind without causing vandalism, or risking something being discovered/cleaned/discarded?
  10. First idea I thought of was taking a napkin holder and replace the napkins with the mile-long string of silk handkerchiefs.

    As far as a more serious idea, let me get back to you on that one. The playing card in the ceiling is a pretty tough one to beat.

    Maybe do just that, except do it with a blank playing are saying: 'What is 793.8?'
  11. Man, this is an awesome idea, you could even just tag specific locations on Facebook with a note saying what you've left, done or would be good specific to that location. Perhaps to a specific group for magicians who want to take part in this.

    Haha, maybe a flashpaper napkin? Thats probably just as achievable by yourself though.
  12. Only the interesting ones are online! I've met a lot of magicians in the area -- at magic shops and lectures. I'm pretty sure they are the same old guys (and they are mostly older guys) that are at the IBM and SAM rings. There are a lot of lurkers on the Cafe (seriously, posting there is like asking for someone to start an argument with you) but I think that a lot of magicians aren't on forums -- I think that is more the younger magicians (and those like me that act as if we are younger) that are online.

    Glued quarters to the bottom of a table. Great ending for a coin through table routine (here, let me try it on your side of the table). There is a pancake place in Princeton that people carve initials and sayings in the tables and booths -- lots of great possibilities for reveals there (a full sized reversed image of a card on the table -- the spectator's selected card vanishes leaving a blank card and the impression on the table).
  13. Sounds like a great way to accidentally touch a whole lot of chewed gum. :confused:
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  15. An Elf reference! well played!

    'Likes' shall be distributed!
  16. Haha I remember that! That was pretty nasty.

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