Mentalism from Theory11

Sep 1, 2007
So, when are we going to see some more mentalism from Theory 11? All we've got so far is Control (which is great, mind you). I'd love to see more, especially since it would be of Theory 11 quality.


theory11 moderator
Madison's got some great mentalism stuff - Outlaw in my opinion is one of his best decks. I'm sure he'll be including some of his mentalism on the DVD, I don't know for sure yet though as he's not mentioned exactly what material's going to be on there. Not to me anyway!

Aug 31, 2007
Hartford, CT
I agree to more Mentalism.
Mind you that there is a lot out there already, but you can turn almost anything into a Mentalism type of effect.

For example, this is how I use "Control":

I start with a basic ACR, one where the spectator thinks their card is lost in the deck.

I then tell the spectator that I am going to "cross into the world where ghosts reside" to invisibly find the card in the middle of the deck and place it on the top.

Then I perform "Control" and you can guess the rest. :)

The point is that almost any trick can turn into a Mentalism trick with the right pratter. :)
Check out the video description of one of d+M's youtube videos:

"A psychological force of the 10H; this was an out-take from The DECEPTION, which will no longer be made, 80% of the material will still feature in a different DVD arriving 2008
If you want to learn psych forces, check out MEMENTO, ONE, TWO, CUT and THE DEVILS TOUCH at"

Here is a link to the video:
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