minimal amount of time using trick?

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  1. Hi, I have two moves that I really want to get published on the wire but as I have heard it a lot, I feel I should practice them more and perfect them, but I feel that someone else will make the same move and get it out there before me, what to do? should I wait or try get them published sooner?
  2. I, personally, feel it's best to perfect a move before trying to sell it. You don't want to be known as someone who rushes unfinished products onto the market.
  3. I have been working on them both for a month or two now, but what would you say is a good minimum?
  4. there is also a good chance that the move is already out there. Also many of the creators will use an effect for years before they put it out there if they even put it out.
  5. When it's as perfected as you think it can be. 6 months to a year of very regular use. When you've had to correct several problems with the move or trick you'll know you've done a decent amount of work.
  6. Also where have you looked and who have you shown it to to see if it is original?
  7. If you aren't confident in the execution then you probably aren't ready.
  8. Krab is correct. 99% of the time the move or sleight is already out there and you are doing the same thing or just a variation of it. I'd send it to a few card guys to see if it is even original first. Zach Mueller or Jason England might be two good guys to post a link to, just to see. I know a bit about cards but don't claim to know everything.
  9. I could help you out as well or at least direct you to a source. Feel free to chat!
  10. Also, if your move is simple enough that you fear someone else will release in the short time (6 months is short in my book, considering how long the art has already been around for) span of you practicing the move more, chances are it's not original.
  11. Also it's not illegal to video it and show the mechanics and put it on youtube as a private video - it can keep track of when you uploaded the video for times sake while you work on refining and perfecting the move and going forward with it's possible release if it does turn out to be an original move/technique.

    6 months to a year (as mentioned above) is a good minimum amount of time - realistically that's performance time and not just sitting in a room tinkering and practicing.
  12. well, so far, you guys have really helped me and I will tinker and perfect it some more.
  13. Iw ould take a look at this video i have posted a few times.

    Also I have some original stuff I have held on to for almost 20 years now. I have started to share them with very few people because I still use them as an everyday worker and would like to keep it as exclusive as possible. I know a lot of creators who work something for years before they let it out into the wild. So take your time. Spend a year or two with it. Remember you can;t copy right it, and most honorable magicians will go back and give credit after the fact if they find out someone else had the effect and shared it with some magicians before hand.

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