Missing Link

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  1. I was just wondering if that trick can be done with borrowed rubberbands?
  2. Yes. (Long Message)
  3. yes!

    yes it can , and i highly recommend getting the trick, impromptu and propbably the best DL on t11, but the move will take practice and some studying of the DL itself

  4. I think the better question here is "Are the bands gimmicked in any way?" It really wouldn't be advisable to borrow rubber bands and try to do this trick because the size of the bands is important so that you do not expose the effect. BTW, the bands are not gimmicked...
  5. What kind of rubberbands do you guys use and where did you buy them?
  6. I LOVE this effect. I use thin rubberbands, it makes this effect looks better. I also use different colors (blue and yellow) because of the visuality! :)
  7. I have totaly out of control but I have to say it is pretty hard to learn this in book format because I cant turn the page but it is worth it its that good
  8. No Kidding its rather difficult, but missing link has to be one of my favorite 1 on 1's theory 11 has released so far.

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