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  1. They say the people you find most important, says a lot about you. Obviously we all like different magicians, so I ask you: If you had to carve out a Mount Rushmore of just magicians, who would you choose?

    So, for those outside the USA:
    This^ is mount Rushmore.

    These are 4 of the most important people to set foot on U.S. soil. All of which were presidents. Because of this their faces are carved into a rock as seen above, and is one of the greatest monuments in the country!

    So now, the question remains which 4 magicians are on your mountain?

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  2. Houdin, Devant, Blackstone, Copperfield
  3. Not necessarily who my favorites are (some of them are), but as far as most important, imo:

    Houdin, Houdini, Copperfield, Blaine

    All for various reasons, but I'm these 4 because I think they did a lot to get laymen interested in magic, thus giving us something to do.
  4. Vernon, Slydini, Houdini, Blaine

    (in no specific order...also, list subject to change according to following opinions, because man...choosing 4 magicians out of so many is DIFFICULT)
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  5. Houdini, Blackstone, Copperfield, and Blaine
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  6. 4 different portraits of Criss Angel
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  8. Jibrizy, Paul Vu, Julius Dein, and Criss Angel
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  9. leave​
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  10. What? Should I have replaced Criss Angel with Rick Lax? :p
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  11. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...I meant the Holy Archangels: Jibrizy, EvanEra, Jarek1:20 and Fernando
  12. God, this thread went down the crapper in record time!!!!
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  13. To give a serious answer: Kellar, Houdini, Copperfield and Blaine
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  14. Oh man, I suppose it would be people who have created major changes in magic as perceived by the world.
    So I would start with:

    Then I think I would remove Houdini , or get a bigger mountain and do 5 faces.
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  15. The problem is that Houdini was an awful magician. Great escape artist but awful magician.
  16. Yea, but when people say magician, who do laymen think of? He is, in there eyes, a great magician.
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  17. Houdini because he is just a legend for what he did.
    Chris Ramsay because he is changing magic for better or worse I don't know yet.
    Alex pandrea because I like the idea of someone just traveling the world living off of lecturing.
    Brad Christian because he pioneered magic online.
  18. Not trying to be mean or anything but how is Chris Ramsay "changing magic"? I mean I like the guy and all but I'm not sure he's necessarily "changing magic"
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  19. That's probably a bit much but he is making the barrior per entry a lot lower and he is attracting new people to magic. He is a large figure amongst newer magicians.
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  20. I don't think he is particularly bigger than any other 'edgy' magician out there though. He's basically Madison level popular.
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