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  1. I play a lot

    Yea i play many insturments and i read music and do a lot of singing as well+)

    I used to play a trumpet for a five years, now i play my acoutstic and electric guitar. Im also in concert choir and the acopello. I have a lot of fun doing the things i do. I still have plenty of time to perfect my talent show act.

    I'm also in the musical play for the Wizard of Oz =)
  2. I tried band about 5 years ago. My school MADE me play the Baritone, I had no choice in the matter. Needless to say, I hated every minute of it and quite the next year. Mabye if they had let me play saxiphone (spelling, I know) like I had requested I could've stuck with it. Oh well.
  3. I've been playing guitar for 3 years and that helps a ton with magic.
  4. I play the guitar. Not to sound cocky but ...........I am really, really good.

    But seriously, music and magic are my 2 favorite things to do. I am either practicing one or the other in my free time.
  5. I play...CDs sometimes...

    I also play a mean piano tune on my ribbon spread.
  6. 9 years of accordion
    9 years of piano
    1 year of guitar
    picking up things here and there for drums =P
  7. I played the guitar way before I even got into magic (although I was amazed by watching it on tv). Music has and always will be my first love. And I agree that any kind of musical experience can help with magic. Not just the hand and finger exercise that you get, but also the discipline and intellectual side of things that come along with it (if you enjoy studying music theory). Not to forget the performance aspect of it all.
  8. wow.. this is diggin' up an old thread.
    love music.
    love magic.

    love being a mugician. :D
  9. I play piano.
  10. guitar, drums. (boring huh?)
  11. Violin and guitar

  12. Violin and piano
    Mess around with the guitar once in a blue moon:)

  13. been playing guitar for a good 3 years now.
    definitely helps with finger dexterity when handling cards.
  14. Drums for 9 years now....
  15. Cowboy bebop - diggin my potato.
  16. I've just started learning the guitar. I've also got Guitar Hero World Tour :p So the drums are pretty awesome on that. And I'm pretty darn good at the guitar to (I only use 2 fingers on the fret buttons)

    Cheers, Tom

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