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    Well, it's been a while, so I thought why not, ill order some T11 stuffage. So this is what i'm gonna get. I'm still open to getting something else, maybe a 1on1 or something. Any suggestions?

    this is my order:
    6X Sentinels
    2X Manipulation Decks

    I'm also planning on getting Smoke once it's in stock again :D
  2. Genesis is great. I have no real experience with cardistry/xcm and it was really good. It gave me lots to work on.
  3. yeah it looks really great, I can't wait to learn some new stuff, and brush up on some older stuff too :D
  4. Im not sure exactly what kind of stuff you're into really but I like to get challenging stuff that keeps me working. Jason england has some great stuff. I also love Chris Kenners version of teh S.W.E. Shift. 1on1 wise at least
  5. I didnt like Genesis that much, probably because I was already fairly advanced with cardistry, the only thing I really took out of it was Bullet.

  6. That's kinda true. Genesis is more suited for beginners in cardistry, but some original flourishes such as the mentioned Bullet suits pretty much everybody else. Why not try some d+M stuff? I love both Andrei Jikh's and Daniel Madison's materials!
  7. I don't like Genesis. Especially the way it was shot. Andrei by himself filming.... it's like really?
  8. SWE shift is a useless move, unless you learn it from a free source then it's not worth paying for. Though it's fun to playing with, sometimes, but you will never use this move on real audience.
  9. Hey dpmagic4,

    I agree with Genesis is mostly for beginners and you aren't going to learn a lot from it...I look at your signature and its seems your working on D&D flourishes so I assume your more of a intermadiate flourisher so I don't think Genesis will help you that much. I do recommend Daniel Madison Dangerous dvd set. It has really good effects that are very pratical and his flourishes are freaking awesome. If you want to get a idea of Jikh flourishes you should get his backpack cut. Very original and fun to do....also it has many appilactions. Thats about it.
  10. While I wasn't exactly a beginning flourisher when I bought genesis, I found lots of stand-alone moves which I could combine into flourishes I made, or put them together to make a small little routine.. I think genesis was one of those DVDs that teaches you little tips on finesse and technique while giving you a whole new look at cardistry.
  11. I mean, I understand that I may be an intermediate flourisher, but idk, I kinda wanna learn some moves from the DVD, maybe put some together into a longer flourish, because I can't make up my own flourishes to save my life lol. Genesis is actually my second choice, I chose that because Smoke was out of stock. Well, what about this, what if I didnt get genesis and just got a brick of sentinels and the 2 manipulation decks? Some cards to hold me over until I purchase Smoke.
  12. The thing more experienced people get wrong about Genesis is that they think that it's supposed to contain new groundbreaking material for them and hoping that it's like the more advanced stuff. Genesis was also designed for more experienced flourishers so they could refine their basic technique. After I watched Genesis I was a lot better at the basics which is the foundation for your flourishing to look good and flow. Actually, I learned a lot more from Genesis than I did the Flourishes Disc of The Trilogy. For the people who go with that disc before Genesis is kind of nuts. They're walking in pretty much blind without learning the basics in which their cuts are designed. For example, Dan and Dave use the Revolution Cut a LOT, and Genesis teaches that cut very thoroughly. So in a way, if you get Genesis to refine your technique you can do Dan and Dave's flourishes a LOT quicker than normal.

  13. yeah, thats basically the reason why I wanted to get Genesis, so I could refine and perfect the base flourishes I know, and even some neat little things tought on it, like Pickwhip. I, truthfully, just wanna get my money's worth lol
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    I'm not try to persuade you in any way but I would not buy a brick of sentinels. They are a little on the expensive side and I have handled cards that are a lot better feeling and handle better. Sentinels don't faro the best. Sentinels don't fan well. Sentinels don't fit right in a Porper because of their thicker tuck case. Don't get me wrong Sentinels do look nice and after being broken in they do handle a little better then they do straight out of the box, but they do not compare to Bicycle Ecos. And if it's the small pips you are after Bicycle 125's have smaller pips and in my opinion handle 100 times better than Sentinels. If thicker card stock is what you are after then check out Aladdin 1001's (blue or black seal handle the same). They are really nice cards and they last forever.

    Honestly, the best thing about Sentinels is the look and feel of the tuck case.

    For a brick of any of those cards I named the most you will pay is like 36 bucks. On top of that the 125's and Ecos can be bought from Wal-Mart. For a brick of Sentinels it would be over 60 bucks without shipping. Just remember you have cheaper, better handling options out the Cody.

    I am in no way saying don't buy Sentinels. What I am saying is try them out by buying one deck before you buy a brick.

    One last thing on "playing cards" in general. I have watched a lot (not all) of the Essential Magic Conference videos and I have seen ZERO custom decks on those videos. The vast majority of the cards used by the Pros were regular Bikes and a lot of them were in the new Standard boxes. If they are good enough for those guys why are they not good enough for the rest of us?
  15. What he means to say is, try the 125's and Ecos. Studs are really nice too. But the point he didn't mention is that STINGERS ARE THE BEST.

    Stingers = Win. They faro like crap (atleast for me), but they feel amazing and look simple yet beautiful.
  16. ok i think ive come to a conclusion, tell me whatcha think:

    3X Sentinels
    3X Stingers (I forgot how amazing stingers were :) )
    2X Manip. Decks
  17. Well order is really good.....just cards you can't go wrong with that....I suggest you take a look at W:H Thread. It looks really good and it has a extra effect on it. Gypsy thread is really good and you can blow minds with that effect alone.
  18. I already own Thread lol. And the question mark is for like maybe a Download or something, or a dvd or something. I might get Stairway, or I might go to Penguin and get a DVD, or should i just wait for Smoke? I think I might do that.
  19. OK, so I too just bought Genesis and got 6x Guardians (waiting for them to get here) but I also have ALL 4 D&D dvd's and D+M. I need lots of help no one around my area that I know of that does flourishes. Looking for all the help I can get.

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