My Trip to the U.S. Playing Card Company

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    Lucky. I want to go there!!

    Tallys for 94?!?
    Steamboats for 94??!?

    Thats insanely cheap. If you lived in that area, you could buy tallys and sell them for cheaper than filmart.

    EDIT: Lol at the cat pics:
    pic 1: I'm in ur bagz stealin ur cardz
    pic 2: I'm on ur cardz stealing ur cellophanez
  2. Lucky. I wish I could go there. Plus the US card company has every deck of cards on the world? He got a black tiger. So I'm assuming that.
  3. They don't actually sell the Black Tigers, I don't think they can sell decks from Ellusionist, Theory 11, etc.

    It's actually kind of hit or miss what you'll find in the store. It's a lot different than you might think. It's not really like a gift shop at all. It's just one small room where they sell decks for a little bit below retail price (this is where I got most of my stuff). Past that is another larger room that just has tons and tons of decks that they overprinted or couldn't sell. This is where the cheap stuff is but the stock is always changing. I'm actually surprised I found the Tallies. They had literally hundreds of standard Bees and a BUNCH of Mavericks for like $0.25 a deck.
  4. Actually, they can. Its kind of like this:
    Ellusionist gets a custom order. But USPC owns these decks pretty much. Ellusionist is the retailer. I've heard that Black Tigers are sold sometimes like like walmart.
  5. Oh, from what I heard once the cards were off the press they were property of Ellusionist, Theory 11, etc. I just read that so I'm not sure what the "rules" for that kind of stuff are.
  6. I am officially jealous of you. Sounds like you had a great time, that's awesome!

    Take care,
  7. Oh my goodness...

    You make me want to go even more.
  8. thats really cool that makes me want to go to that company just wondering how much did you spend in all
  9. hahaha sorry i saw pictures and was like ooo pictures and forgot to read lol Glad you had fun man ive never been but i would really like to jealous the way i love the cat
  10. i am soo jealous living in Australia i dunno if i'll make it over there anytime soon. So i was wandering can you take a tour or anything or is it just a shop?
  11. Sounds like you had a very good trip.

    I just wish there was a U.S playing card company here in Australia:(
  12. Wouldn't it then be called AUPCC? :p
  13. if I ever go to ontario I might go to the IPPC (International playing card company) (Foriegn cards! :D)
  14. Damn. I must make a pilgrimage to here.
  15. I see artie gave you the book rather then dvd lecture lol. he really only does do a stripper deck and svengali and hes a full time pro magician. ( he does do other magic things, just not in cards)

    isn't the USPCC store grand? bricks of bikes and tallys for 6-10 dollars
  16. they do sell the special deck, they print them and own a portion of the rights

    they don;t comes a cheap though
  17. Wow thats so cool! Instant collection of decks. I'm totally green - especially of your freebies. :)
  18. dude AWSOME !
  19. I can relate to the aussies here... damn jealous man. I just got my centurions last week :) awesome stuff.. no magic shop in perth.. garr
  20. OMG! Thats a dream! I so jealous

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