My Trip to the U.S. Playing Card Company

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by orchestrion, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. You can't take tours of the factory itself. There used to be a museum but they closed it down. In the outlet area (where all the cheap cards are) they have four or five displays that used to be in the museum.
  2. Indeed sir. That was me. I just didnt know what forum you were from :)

    But Im not from the internet, Im from Cincinnati, lol.

    I live just up the road from there. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I bet Helen wouldnt let you take pics from inside :D
  3. Oh my God. Thats sooo funny! How would you know how palmer looked like?
  4. WOOOW :eek:

    You can get that many cards for such a low price? Bricks of cards here aren't even discounted, which at first I thought would be so since you're getting them in bulk. But noooo, the price of bricks here are just the same as the price of one deck times 12. And there you are getting cards for less than a buck. (I'm talking about money here)

    Anyway, I would really want to be able to go there and bring with me a budget to blow on a lot of decks. Right now, I think my chances of even getting USPCC, much less to Ohio is pretty slim.....
    as slim as a thread.... invisible thread... stripped.... thrice.
  5. Heh I didn't try to take any pictures inside. I was too busy buying cards. I had a blast, it was a sweet trip.
  6. Damn lucky guy! They don't even sell USPCC's cards in the Netherlands. Everytime I want to buy a deck of bikes, I need to order them from webshops, which means a minimum of 3 euro a deck + 6 euro shipping coasts = aprox. $14.19 for just one freaking deck :p (ehh, that's why I usually buy multiple things in a webshop rather than only one deck xD)

    Ah well, nice to know you've got the time of your life :p Enjoy your decks dude!

  7. I went there too! Unfortunately it was closed when I went. It was still cool to see the outside though. I also went to Haines House of Cards. I didn't really like it though. The people were nice but I ended up getting ripped off by the tricks there. It was kind of frustrating.
  8. I live in Cinci and I've never been to any of the 3 places that you listed. How sad is that?
  9. How much was the brick of Tally's?
  10. Not sad, just really stupid. Sorry, but Im just being honest again.

    You live HERE in town, and you have NEVER even been to Haines?

    Get off the computer kid.

    Im not trying to be mean, just honest. You have the opportunity that others here would kill for. Ring 71 meets there.

    Nathan Kranzo will be there in a few weeks and Daryl is also on the schedule. Some great speakers have been there including Burger and Ammar.

    email me at or

    Magicians talking magic in a magic shop............what else do you want?
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    Wow, hope I can convince my parents to take me there in the summer. Glad I dont' live too far away from there (about 3 hours away)
  12. holy sheet of paper!! jealous(*drooling*)
  13. :eek:Dude, that's so cool! I feel like I want to go there some day. Man, you got the very first edition of the black tiger deck and all the limited editions. I'm really jealous right now!
  14. my parents i doubt would take me... at least we wouldnt go just for that.
    you have all the decks i have ever dreamed of having :D and most of em for less than a dollar?! lol i wanna go really bad

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