Need some routines for a orphanage performance

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  1. So guys i'm going to be performing at a orphanage this Saturday. Any tricks that you guys would recommend? Their age is between 8-12. I already have a few in mind but i might need more.

    Thanks for all of your help, and i mean it

  2. pickpocketing haha.

    i would try to have some visual bigger things that bigger audience can see. also just have fun. kids love having fun and stuff.
    idk what you have to do a kids show or an adult show. what stuff ru thinking of?
  3. Sponge ball work just great on kid. If you have a cup and ball routine it's a realy effective trick to do. just keep in mind that you have to use lots of very visual effect with kid and not make the show tooo long.
  4. I just learned a bill change trick today and I think it would work awesome for an orphanage.

    I'm going to assume that these kids are still living in the orphanage, so, a bill change would mean a lot to them. If you possibly turn a $5 - $10 or $10 - $20 they'll be very happy.

  5. Anything that can make a kid smile and have the best day of their lifes. :)
  6. Thanks bro for the idea. And also the advice. I would certainly keep that in mind. :)
  7. Which bill change did you learn? I heard that there are lots of bill change around. Thanks for helping! :)
  8. Hello...

    You a quick thought...if you perform a trick where you give away something like candies or toys...everybody must get one...since you want to be fair and everybody has a good time..

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