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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagicJohnson, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. I looks alright, I think that the fan could of been done better. But its still very very good.

  2. I love the image, not too keen on the text, but that is just me.
  3. Its not practical, at all! Money is one thing but the whole concept is not practical.
    The idea is good but where are your phone number, email etc? I suggest you think throw the design and check out some other designs to get inspiration.
  4. Dude read his whole post...

    To be honest I hate the text, and the sin city effect is over done. You should never apply standard bevel and emboss to text without other effects, it just looks hideous. Also the tribal designs look choppy around the edges, looks as if you just C+P'd them off the internet and took a second with the magic wand tool...
  5. Sorry Didnt See that there! But still the design is not practical.
  6. design is kiddish and not practical.
  7. Overdesigned.. The tribal design is exagerrated..
  8. Hey why don't all of you know it alls put up images of your business cards to show him how YOU do it. Put your photoshop where yer mouth is.

    Regardless: For a back piece it's ok. I would move your name up to the top and lose the tribal stuff. When you do the front remember to have website (if you have one) phone number and email. Addresses are superfluous and not necessary in this day and age.

    Make sure any important text (Ie: email and phone number) are big enuff for anyone of any age to read. Also don't list EVERYTHING you do. If yer a close-up guy, say "Close up magic entertainer." Don't use words other people won't know like mentalist. If you do stage and close up say that.

    My card says "off the wall entertainment. Close up and stage magic."

    It used to say children and adult parties, but that was when I was younger and advertised I DID kids' shindigs.
  9. I'm not a fan of it.

    The text is an awful choice it kills the rest of the piece. Even if the font was different the bevel effects shouldn't be used. I do like the city back drop but I don't really like the image of you standing in the center. I'd change the font, get rid of the bevel effects, get rid of the symbols underneath your name and add a main symbol in the center instead of the image of you. My personal opinion
  10. Dude, its sick.
    Dont mind if alot of people hate on your design.
    Personally me, im more plain type of guy so my cards are extremely simple and sleek. But this is cool to.
    Make sure you get it in nice quality cuz i think like a shiny sleek quality would go great with the design you currently have.
    - My only complaint is the text, im not loving it. but maybe others like it, if you like it... keep it. And i agree with someone else who said moving your name higher. I think if you move is a little higher it would look nice. But then again it would take away from the landscape background. Its up to you. Hope either way it comes out good.
  11. That's rubbish, just because someone couldn't do better doesn't mean we shouldn't offer opinions constructively when asked for them. If you put yourself out there and ask for you, you ask for criticism, all people can do is offer their opinion.

    I agree with the general consensus, I like the cityscape, not a fan of the writing :)
  12. I agree, there not saying they are better, just have opinions to make his better.

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