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  • Just thought I drop by and say what you're doing is very generous and the members and I

    really appreciate what you're doing.

    So thank you and best wishes.


    i new to the world of magic like this i did not think that i can get in a club like this with the best magic friends in the world.
    i am helping u so u can do the best u can and no the things if i have up set u for gave me . i just like to be friends bec i have no one to say things that i wood like to say to about magic world i love. this is all new for me . if u no the things i have face then no y .bec soon i hope i might be moveing to the usa .

    Pity. Listen, I showed him a photograph of a guy on a motocross when he was referring to you :rolleyes:

    Turns out, i mistook you for Steve Simmons. Sorry!

    So many Steve/ns in my life right now my head is a little dizzy...But on the bright side, at least you looked like a badass motocrosser!

    nothing much u. Your probably asking me this because i added you as my friend. Just to get this out of the way (because many people ask) i don't know you (except for the forums). Anyway, I just wanted to add you because you seem like a nice guy. Have a great day.

    Well, to tell you the truth, ive only just started into this hardcore (it's what i call it) flourishing-magic...ality. I have performed more of a table hopping style for some time now, and two years ago i started on this type of 'undergound' magic.

    I feel im getting quite proficient with flourishing (by d+M numbers, im at 6-7) and im really having fun performing effects on the street! mostly i do one offs, like commercial, or witness.

    I still, though, perofrm silent table shows - with effects the demonstrate skill, not magic - such as middle dealing, tamed spades, mystery card (my own impromptu version) and a refined collectors routine (refined from Dan and Dave's).

    That's me...I saw your website though...You seem to be doing pretty good for yourself!
    Hey. Yes, this is a very do-able topic.

    First, they call it show BUSINESS. While I love the show, I have reluctantly come to understand that if I want to eat, I have to attend to the business.

    Here are things I wish I did better:

    Taxes/bookkeeping - if you are self employed you need to keep good records, learn to maximize your deductions, plan for retirement, and pay quarterly taxes ALL while maintaining a performance and rehearsal schedule. Basic business classes would (I hope) go a long way to this. The more you know about your money, the more time you can eventually spend enjoying what you do.

    Why isn't the phone ringing - If you want work, you have to get it. I rely on word of mouth and do well, but I really would be SO much better off if I knew more about advertising and marketing. I wish I had photoshop, pagemaker, premeire, and dreamweaver skills. That way, I could do so much more when it came to making brochures, videos, and web pages. Sure you can hire out for this, but imagine how much you could save if you could do the basics at least yourself.

    THEN there is the issue of getting people to your site. Classes on Time Management, Advertising, and Marketing could prove valuable. There are a lot of very talented people who cannot make a living doing what they love. It is because they lack these skills.

    There are also a few college programs in Arts Administration (University of KY has one) that might have classes in these areas as well.

    Now, as to the "show" side of things. I think the more you know, the better the product you can deliver. So, even as a magician, I wish I knew more about sound and light tech. I need to communicate with the people who make me look good, and if they realize I respect them enough to know about what they do - they will try harder.

    As a magician, learning to use your most important tool - your body - is critical. A health program, movement lessons, voice lessons, and acting lessons will make you a better magician than hours spent working on the pass.

    Did that give you a few ideas?

    Let me know if you need more.

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