New Effect: Torn Too

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  1. i think im allowed to answer this but to whoever asked, yes it is 'gimmicked' but doesnt require a real gimmick, like bound if you own it... or like an ID is a gimmick etc...
  2. How come i cant view the video? i usally can view these...
  3. Well this was unexpected. I thought Danny was still with E or going to come to T11. Oh well. This is Daniel Garcia's newest effect Torn Too. You can get the download now and the DVD when they are finished with it. Thoughts?

  4. That's possibly one of the funniest trailers I've ever seen with regards to magic... DG makes me laugh.

    This also sounds very intriguing indeed...

    - Sean
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    I think the effect looks pretty sweet. People have already bought and posted comments on penguin, saying you need to make your own gimmick, and that lighting can be a problem.

    Cheers, Tom
  6. Bro, I agree with you completely. I was feeling like crap... but now I am happier thanks to DG's outrageous shenanigans.

    I'm glad he is working with all these different websites. It comes to show that creators just want to promote the art and show the world the great effects they come up with, who cares where it is sold. I respect DG now more than ever.
  7. And make lots of money in exclusive selling rights bidding wars.

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