Nomads no longer "distressed"?

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  1. Recently watched a review of this deck on magicorthodoxy's youtube channel, and ordered it last week. Rcv'd today, but I noticed the deck isn't distressed on the back or the front of the cards. That was the whole reason I got the deck in the first place. Granted, the video is from April of 2015, but I LOVE the distressed look. I've searched the forums here to see if I could find any other information, but came up with nothing. Anyone have additional info? Is there a way to ascertain whether a Nomad deck is distressed or not from the tuck case? While my Artisan decks have 2017 printed on the seal, that's not the case with the Nomads.
  2. Hey Dave! After the first print run, we felt that ultimately the cleaner look was a better option in the end. Unfortunately there isn't a difference in box design to distinguish the two.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Now I'm kinda bummed. If anyone has a spare deck they don't use or want please let me know.....
  4. Only the VERY first run of NoMads were done distressed. They used a unique distressed look (not just old, but with coffee stains and similar) that was real looking enough to result in many complaints about the deck arriving used and dirty. For many who weren't fooled by the distressed look, they preferred the clean look over the distressed, so we opted to change this for the second printing forward. We are many printings into the NoMad deck run now, so the original distressed decks will be hard to come by these days.

    // L
  5. Thanks Lyle for clearing this up, and kudos for pulling a fast one on the first run. Everyone should realize that T11 would never release something that they are very proud of, and many consider collector's decks. It's funny how it's only now that anyone has really noticed.

    Thanks also to David at MO for making me a true collector of these decks. His are the only reviews I consider legit, and now, cuz of him, I own 13 t11 decks. Keep up the great reviews! I'll email that link and see if they are available.
  6. When I first got a NoMad deck, I wasn't a fan of the distressed look.

    Looking back, I actually like that look and regret my initial view of it.

    Part of why I didn't like it was that I had some decks that had the "dirt and coffee stains" look, namely the green Bicycle decks that had it. But they looked grimy, the NoMads didn't look nearly as unpolished in comparison.

    Sorry, you guys. Is there any way to delete reviews from products, because I would do that for my review of the NoMads
  7. Yes yes! Those are real collector's items now!
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