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  1. So, does anyone have a favorite deck of cards? I don't mean objectively. I mean emotionally. Like, your best memories with a certain deck. It could have been the first time you played with cards and realized you loved them, or the deck you did your favorite trick with for the first time, or the one that you used when you finally got that one move you spent hours practicing in the mirror perfect.
    I remember when the Sentinels were still around, and spent so long practicing the tabled faro shuffle, that I can look at the callous on my fingers to show how hard I worked. I missed the days when I could spend my time playing with what felt like the smoothest, and coolest, cards in the world. They lasted longer than any cards I've used since.
    Does anyone have memories like that, or am I obsessed? I've loved magic for a few years now, and love the wonder it brought me as a child, so I was just wondering if anyone else out there had anything like that.
    If not, then I want to simply thank Theory 11 for making the Guardians as well. Those were the first cards I bought, and the key card trick was my very first trick I learned from you. You've changed my life for the better, and I thank all of you for it
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  2. The Sentinels was the first "designer deck" or expensive deck I got, and I still love those cards, the way they perform...

    Growing up extremely poor, houseless at times, no food for days, just extreme poverty, I don't want to get into situations, but I remember when finding a deck of cards and thinking maybe I could trade it for something one day, and when I was going to, this person showed me a "trick" I knew I had to keep them.... having Animism and the Nahuālli I knew this was something I could connect with
  3. The Pipmen World deck.

    It was one of the first custom decks I'd ever seen, and I was totally blown away by the creativity, especially the puzzle aspect of it. It proved to be the rabbit hole that brought me into collecting modern playing cards.

  4. I have never seen these cards before
  5. I'm glad you were able to find something good to hold in during such tough times. I hope things are significantly better now for you than before, and if I may ask, what is Nahuālli/Animism? Nevertheless, thank you for sharing, and I wish you the best
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  6. Those look awesome! I wish I had known about these sooner. It a not everyday I see such uniqueness in each individual card, let alone a collective design. Where did you find something as cool as those??
    And do you use any of your cards from time to time, or have exclusively display decks, along with decks for anything else?
  7. Oh, and do you happen to remember that trick? Just curious
  8. 'Animism' is a belief system for the Majority of Native people, it is Not a religion, even though each tribe and peoples had their own way of thinking these things it was a belief that everything has a 'spirit' to it, or maybe better understood an Energy to it, it is anti-anthropocentrism

    The Nahuālli was someone the Spanish colonizers identified as "Magicians" or "Tricksters" from the Nahuālli came to the Nagual, those who could shapeshift into Jaguars or other Animals, depending on the tribe or the peoples

    there have been some tribes and peoples who have reportedly had the ability to move rocks and stones among other things.

    this is the basics of it... :cool:
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