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  1. Okay, so this is going to be hard to explain but i'll try. All tnr (that i've seen) use a straight line (straight corner/all four corners etc.). Basically you normally fold the card to get a straight line and then tear that off. Do some things and then restore it in whatever way. However, is there a tnr for an actual torn off corner (that you could tear freely, its hard to explain but like its not straight, a way a spectator would tear it if I just said tear off a corner). I have a trick that ends up fully examinable with the corner torn off a card and it matches up perfectly, but i honestly want to finish with a tnr (I know its adding an effect to an already strong ending but it would work trust me). Any ideas? Preferably examinable at the end but we can deal with it not being. The obvious is a basic card switch, and maybe I score the duplicate so it looks like its been put back together? But is there anymore visual options?

    Additional notes: I regularly use Daniel Madison's RIP (though I come up to them with pre-ripped cards - my patter being some bully ripped up the cards and i ask whether the spectator can hold them, this works for my age but I will probably soon need to change it) - I thought about using a take on this method but the card i'm swapping it might be in too plain a view, though I probably could get away with it. (If you don't know RIP, I suggest looking it up)

    Sorry if this is confusing, you can shoot me a DM if you are confused and ill try explain better.
  2. If I understood you correctly, all you really want to do is to perform a usual TNR and have the original corner be torn of naturally (unevenly)?

    If so, you can try tearing off two cards as one.

    However, I think one of the best way to do it is to proceed as a normal TNR anyway. If you make sure that the moment you 'tear' off a corner, the audience doesn't start thinking "Oh. A torn and restored card..." and you don't call any attention to the corner OR you naturally hold the corner by its torn side as long as it is in plain view, I think it will work fine.

    I performed a Broken, Bitten and Restored Doritos chip on the fly (of course the actual broken piece looked nothing like the duplicate) and it astounded my friends (it's sometimes very sad how the simplest things look more magical than a combination of an invisible pass, four card turnover, seven culls, eight tenkai palms and you blowing and panting on the cards looking as if you're constipated).
  3. Ripped and Repaired by Dave Forrest ( and Torn Too by Daniel Garcia are similar to what you described.

    No folding Torn and Restored cards also to consider Seamless by Glenn West, Torn and Amazed By Micheal Ammar and Autopsy by Jay Sankey (card is already torn)
  4. Check out the TnR work of Dani DaOrtiz he has some good stuff, especially his ebook. Also he mentions a briefly talks about on in the vanishing inc's Share MagicLive virtual convention, it's free to download. His work on TnR has to do a lot with duplicates but they are good. Another one to look at is Michael Ammar's TnR. It's not a strait tear, but under the context of the bully I wouldn't recommend this, the tear is deliberate it's not something a heckler would do. The best I could recommend is TnR transpo by David Williamson it' might be a straight tear but it's still packs a punch and can fit the context of your performance.

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