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One Card Shift or Control

Jul 9, 2014
Hey guys,
So I recently came up with this pretty cool ACAAN effect and it has been a great trick for me and has been getting great reactions. Although it is going well for me, I think there must be a better way to do the move that I use in it. I won't get into specific detail about how to do the trick, but what I will say is at the end I need to get the bottom card of the deck to top without cutting, or shuffling the deck. What I have been doing is a one card herman pass with the bottom card but it is not as invisible as I thought and needs heavy misdirection to be hidden. I would really appreciate if you guys could supply me with ways to get the bottom card to the top without shuffling or cutting, or if you guys could give me some good sources.

Sep 2, 2007
My recommendation would be to pick up the deck, "accidentally" leaving one card on the table. Give it a moment then notice the mistake and casually pick up the card and replace it on top.

If all this is done with a nonchalant attitude, and while talking to the audience, it will seem to have been unimportant and will be disregarded. Under no circumstances say, "Oops, I missed a card!" or anything like that. Just do it and don't refer to it.
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