One Move = 80 Tricks

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  1. what is the best move u can do?
  2. that have to be the palm:)
  3. and y is that?
  4. A force. (word countage)
  5. I second that.
  6. Depends what you would call best, really. Most useful? Probably a double lift.
  7. The best move I can do?
    A swing cut!
    I don't really have a best move yet though, must practice more!
  8. Most double lifts (center,one handed, normal)
    bluff pass
    Classic Pass
    and Palm
  9. Double lift and force
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    For me, the most useful would either be a force or a peek. In addition, double lift and control. :)
  11. double lift
  12. mechanics grip

    Hah! kidding
    dealers grip...

    but seriously... I would have to say...
    i dont know...
    there isnt a move which is the "best"...
    the most used i would say is the
    Doube Lift
    Merlin Tip Over Addition
    One Handed Top Palm
    Classic Force
  13. CARDS: Double lift (and I'm going by practicality and flexibility, not skill. I could do mroe with a double lift than any other sleight wiith cards)
    COINS: Edge Grip
  14. Outside of cards i think my false transfers are pretty good.
  15. The Stanky leg.

    But in all seriousness I do not know what my best move in magic is.
  16. I'm good at making double lifts look natural . . . and I'm also good with the clipshift, miller cascade control and keeping a near-invisible break.
  17. The one you never see.


  18. Most of the ones suggested are pretty good, but the Gamblers' Cop gets pushed out of the limelight sometimes, methinks...

  19. A long time ago the was a magician nicknamed 'Rovi' by his peers, I sadly was unable to meet him, he only knew 3 slights classic force, palm and the double lift. He only performed 6 tricks but the presentation was perfect not only that but he performed all over the world. What I am trying to get at is no one needs a ton of tricks or slights to be great quite the opposite really. If you can classic force you don't need to control but if you don't have an imagination and see opportunities you will never reach your potiential. Take this story a friend of mine managed to get a selected card in side of a duke box on a spinning record of a spectators choice think about it.


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