One of those perfect moments

May 7, 2009
I had one of those incredible moments where the stars aligned today that I thought I would share:

Today I was with my father, my grandfather and some of my father's friends. Yesterday I accidentally left the extra ring from odyssey at my grandfather's house and he brought it with him that day. I told him he could look at it for a while and went over to my dad to do a trick for them.

My dad asked me to do "the ring trick" and having the other odyssey ring in my pocket I went to perform it for them. During the last phase I vanished the ring and just before I went to produce it on the hand behind the spectator's back, my grandfather walked over, with the non-gimmicked ring and said, "wow this ring is really cool, here you can have it back." Everyone around me was completely speechless. To them, I not only vanished the ring, I made it appear in my grandfather's hand across the room.

Sometimes the best tricks are the ones you never expect to happen and can never happen again.

Happy Holidays Y'all
That is a great moment! That's why when I do utility move 7 I always switch the gimmicked ring out for the real one and the perform reflex before handing it to a spectator to fully examine. That combo slays people even when they are suspicious of the Odyssey ring at first.
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