1. Ben2__Ben2

    Odyssey review

    Check out our unboxing and review of Odyssey from Calen Morelli here
  2. Nerv

    ring size for the odyssey

    hi, i am going to buy the odyssey ring magic trick. My ring size is 8.5(US if it matters) but am i supposed to get a 9? and i saw the trailer of how the ring jumps to the thumb. Does it have to be bigger so that is jumps to the thumb? Any comments would be appreciated!
  3. Z

    Can't watch the Odyssey tutorial

    I just received my odyssey so i got the url and password for the tutorial but when i play the tutorial i only see a picture of a hand with the ring, with the word "odyssey" and "calen morelli" i can hear the audio but cant see the video i am watching on an android phone unfortunately i dont have...
  4. eduardo.ojeda9821

    Odyssey shipping

    Hello! I want to buy Odyssey because its so visual and I don't have any trick like that... the problem is that I live in Mexico, so I was wondering if they can ship it to Mexico or its just for USA. Thank you btw.
  5. D

    Odyssey ring size

    I`m buying odyssey but my ring size is 9.5, should i roud it up to 10 or keep it at 9?
  6. K

    One of those perfect moments

    I had one of those incredible moments where the stars aligned today that I thought I would share: Today I was with my father, my grandfather and some of my father's friends. Yesterday I accidentally left the extra ring from odyssey at my grandfather's house and he brought it with him that day...
  7. alexdennis06

    When Will My Odyssey Shipment Be In

    Hello, My name is Alex and I have been fascinated with card tricks for about 4 years now. I am beginning to get into larger tricks, and I had 50 dollars worth of gift cards for a trick. I obviously picked Odyssey. I have seen the video and I am even more excited to preform. I placed the order...
  8. K

    Taking Care of Odyssey

    Hey guys, I just received odyssey and I love it, I can't wait to go out and perform it. But eventhough it seems to be very durable, I'm a bit afraid of damaging it (I live in Germany and the shipping costs hurt me so bad). So I just wanted to ask everone who has the gimmick for a while and...
  9. J

    Odyssey shipping?

    Hey is there any news about when Calen morelli's odyssey is being shipped.I ordered it on the 5th of september and was just wondering cause i am hyped for the trick. If anyone answers thx
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