One question about Distortion.

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  1. Does anybody know how much Distortion will cost on release?

    Thanks alot.
  2. $24.95

    word count
  3. Thanks alot for the quick reply :D , much appreciated.
  4. Not a problem mate! Glad I could help :)
  5. is the 24.95 for the dvd and gimmick?
  6. Yes.

    (word count)
  7. haha thanks again :D
  8. Yes, the cost will be the same-- $24.95. For an extra $19.95, however, Wayne will personally rub your DVD against his chest before it leaves our warehouse. This will ensure better reactions to your performances, as demonstrated in our scientific survey of two people (which may or may not have been Wayne's wife and Dana). Okay, I might have just made that up.
  9. Let's hope you did just make that up.....

    However since I own it I feel a little cheated I wasn't given that option.
  10. Guys,

    Don't fall for Mr. Bayme's trick. I paid $34.95 for Panic (that's $10.00 more than it costs) plus tax, and I was promised that a member of the theory11 crew would send me a special HD-Ray edition of the Panic DVD with Aaron Fisher performing the effect naked. However, when I played it in my PlayStation 4, much to my chagrin, Mr. Fisher was wearing clothes. I was promised the ability to perform the effect naked, yet without the proper technique, I haven't been able to do so -- and, as a result, my audience has suffered from my poor performances. I have submitted three support tickets -- -- and have yet to get a response.

    Has anyone else had this problem :D?

    On a side note, since we're on the topic of the price for Distortion, if it's known, what's going to be the cost for the replacement gimmick? (So I know how much money to save.)

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    Funny :rolleyes:

    Anyway. I'd like to know the cost of replacments, too (although it'll only be a couple more days until we officially find out).
  12. Definitely-- does anyone know what the cost of replacements will be for those who have already purhased the DVD? I anticipate mine lasting another 2 months or so, and then I'll need a new one. Preferably a red one. Hint... hint... please with a cherry on top?!


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