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  1. Hey guys.

    I've been on Penguin Magic recently and they have seemed to have brought in a few magicians to do "online lectures" live. They've brought in Dan Hauss about two weeks ago and Nathan Kranzo next in line for tomorrow evening.

    I think this is a pretty neat idea...I haven't seen this done anywhere else (that I know of, anyway). I think this is a great opportunity for magicians of all ages to "attend" a lecture in the case that they can't make it to any other ones. I personally, have always wanted to attend a Wayne Houchin lecture, but he doesn't come around my area (North Carolina) a lot and I've always been bummed out to see his lecture tours somewhere on the West Coast - Mid U.S area.

    I think those who are interested should definitely check it out.
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    Yeah, I think it's very cool. I also like the ones on Luke get's some good guys on there. And you can watch them anytime you want. I remember watching Aaron Fisher's online lecture which was 2 years ago.
  3. themagicsession ones are free also, the ones on penguin are not
  4. I have watched online lectures at and penguin magic and both were free and outstanding! I would highly recommend both.

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