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  1. Okay, so a serious question regarding Perfect Cents which I just saw the announcement for from y’all (Theory 11). How is this not too similar to Greg Wilson’s Exact Change? From the copy it reads identical in effect; I know we don’t reveal methods in the forum but is it significantly different enough to make it a unique method to the effect?
  2. Hi Noel,

    Completely fair question! Cosmo’s original version (formerly called International Pocket Change) actually came out before Exact Change. The Perfect Cents gimmick is all new, specifically engineered for this effect. It's a completely different device than Exact Change - and it works with pretty much any coin currency. Exact Change was limited to US and Canadian coins only; this one works internationally.

    A couple of quick points:

    1. The gimmick is brand new, fully custom made. Greg's is something he bought off the shelf and adapted to work for his trick.
    2. The gimmick is FAST. You get your change almost instantly unlike other methods.
    3. The gimmick does not need to be ditched as it is never visible.
    4. The gimmick gives you LOTS of coins. Greg's uses a minimal number of coins. For example:

    The number 56 is used
    Perfect Cents: 13 coins - 3 dimes, 4 nickels, 6 pennies.
    Exact Change 4 coins - 2 quarters, 1 nickel and 1 penny.

    This isn't a matter of better or worse, just different. Greg's change is usually faster to count, while Cosmo's feels more substantial and realistic.

    5. Faster reveal. Greg's involves you removing a wallet from your pocket before turning it out for change. Ours allows you to reach right into your pocket with an empty hand and immediately turn your pocket out for the change.

    All said and done, this is a very unique gimmick. No rip offs here when you can see how the gimmicks work and how that affects performance. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any specific questions about Perfect Cents that we can't discuss on a public forum; we'd be happy to assist!
  3. Thank you Casey for your thorough and quick response to my question. Sounds great, I’ll be placing my order today. Just wanted to be sure if it would add enough to include since I already have Exact Change. Looks like I’ll have to collect some more pennies to use for this one. Ha ha. :)

    To speak to the support team is that through the contact email? Ending on pennies as my thought above got me wondering if this product would hold Break gimmicks...but then I wondered if that was best answered by the support team?
  4. Just ordered--Hope aI'm not disappointed --I have Exact Change and never used a wallet for the effect?
  5. The support email is, but happy to answer that question here!

    The Perfect Cents gimmick can easily hold Break coin gimmicks, however you will have to find a way to keep track of the gimmick coin if you are mixing it in with normal pennies.
  6. Hey I have a question about perfect cents. It looks really cool and my mouse is hovering over the order button, but what I can't find anywhere is how easy this is to reset. I can see myself doing this in close up, but then often I won't have loads of time for resets. so is the reset of the gimmick like a matter of seconds? or more like minutes? or does it just resets itself?
    thanks in advance
  7. Seconds. If you are out of sight of spectators, this will take mere moments to reset. You can probably do it in sight of spectators too with practice.

    // L
  8. I have A question too. I have Absolutely no idea if this means anything but does it matter what type of pants/pocket you have on?
  9. ... Not see through...? Haha. Really, most any pants, so long as they have a decent front pocket. Back pocket would be possible, but awkward. Deeper pockets would be better. Something like the little pocket next to your front pocket on most jeans is too small. A cargo pocket will work, but you can't turn it out and turning your pocket out is a big part of the visual.

    Holes in your pocket will be a problem. Super tight pants might be hard to work with. That is really all I can think of. The video covers any things you need to consider in your clothing selections, but honestly most pants will work without modification or issue.

    // L
  10. What about leggings? Can I wear leggings? :) Ha Ha.
  11. @Lyle Borders

    In Canada, we no longer have pennies in circulation. Can this be performed without pennies?
  12. With modification. If someone says "83" you will have to say something like "Since we don't have pennies anymore, do you want to round up to 85, or down to 80?" It sounds a bit odd at first, but in the reveal it will make sense. Otherwise, it works fine. Even easier, really.

    // L
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