Phone number card trick. Any ideas?

Nov 2, 2007
Ok so there are many ways to force a phone number out of a deck and I got a way that I am fine with. Normally you get them to call your number. But I don't want to use it like that. I want to use it where the woman or man calls their girlfriend/boyfriend. Now obviously they will know who's number it is the moment it's on the table and if they don't recognise the number(most likely they will). Smartphones nowadays will show who's number it is if you got it saved on your phone. I really like the soulmate idea from Cellmate in TA and it's pretty strong when they call a random number and your phone starts to ring. But is it anywhere near as strong if they recognise the random number or discover whos number they are calling when they punch it in on their phone?

Anyway to keep them from knowing? So far I've thought that if they don't recognise the number, I'll have them use my phone where I haven't saved the number. Most likely they will recognise the number. So what if I don't tell them from the start that we are finding a phone number and when the cards are on the table. I just say we are gonna try something and call the number and hand them the phone?

Any ideas?


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Sep 13, 2008
Hm. You could have them deal the cards face down and dial the number yourself, then hand the phone to them without letting them look at the screen. Or use your own phone and hand it to them.

You'd be surprised how many people don't know their own cell number, let alone their close friends. Usually significant others are a known number, but until fairly recently I couldn't have told you my girlfriend's number. I put it in my phone and hit her name, I never dialed the number. But yes, if they dial it on their phone, it will pop up with the name if it's saved.
Nov 7, 2009
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Best way imo would be to introduce a procedure inspired by the basic Add a Number routine: get multiple people to input random numbers in a cellphone, "as if you would write them on a piece of paper". This way, the info is fragmented and no will conciously try to remember the whole thing, let alone make the connection with a phone number.
I have an effect called non-toxic where they call a random number calculated, and your phone starts to ring. (new add a number method)

I've used it a few times socially where they call a friends number within the group, and i've done a lot of research in how to make it fly by them, without them realising it's their number being read out before-hand.

The best way is to break the pattern... people remember numbers in a certain way. They'll break the long number into groups of 3 or 4 numbers.... so when you get them to call the number, changing the way you deliver it to them, or changing the rhythm slightly when saying it often flies by people.
If someone gives their number out as 07 123 456 ... then they're less likely to recognise it, if you say it as 0 71234 56. Choose your pauses effectively.

Also I always pretend it's a random persons number before they call it, and reassure them that if they don't answer, it's okay, we'll move onto another trick. Which destroys their assumption that it could be your number that they're calling, or their partners number (in your case) : I filmed this as a preview.. realised that my red jeans looked pink, and that my sunglasses looked like they were rose tinted, and joined a gym to shed some lb's ... so it's not for release until I re-do it, but you can here me say in here that when they call this random person, it may not work, and if they don't answer it's fine, but if we've done this correctly, hopefully i've managed to influence them in the correct way. Then my phone starts to ring.

Hopefully all that helped. Good thread.

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