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  1. This was my 2nd product from SansMinds and once again, they delivered.
    PhotoShop is an unbelievable piece of magic. You bring out a photo, and alter it anyway you want. And then you give it away.
    If you haven't seen a demo, check it out:
    The reviews on that site are just... I don't know what to say. Most of them had complaints of the gimmick and photo being stuck together due to heat. I understand that. The people that say that spectators figure it out... No. They won't. Seriously... Watch the very end of that demo and honestly tell me that you didn't pause it and re-watch it.
    I did.
    At least 10 times.

    Teaching: Will goes over each trick very well. What I liked SO much was that they explanations didn't drag on and on forever. (Jacob's Ladder anyone)
    G does come on at one point and teaches his companion effect to Gum or Ultra Gum. I don't know which.

    Quality: The quality of the video was quite good. I wasn't surprised, as many companies seem to be catching up to T11.

    Length: The DVD ran in around 36 minutes total. I think that every question I had in regards to the effect was answered in that amount of time.

    Gimmicks: I'm having to wait for replacement gimmicks as is everyone who ordered from Penguin. So I can't comment at the moment.


    Kiss: You show a picture of a Hershey Kiss, and pop it out of the photo.

    Commentary: A whole lot of people bought PS just for this. I, however, thought it was the weakest trick on the DVD. It is very good, but the other tricks blow this out of the water.

    Mystery Card: We all know the plot. Imagine popping a folded up card out of the photo.

    Commentary: I don't do mystery card plots. A lot of people do. This trick is very strong.

    Mini Deck Routine: You show a photo with a miniature deck in it. This gets a laugh. You hold the photo over someone's hand. The deck falls out of it. Laughter ceases. You then do the invisible deck with the mini deck.

    Commentary: I gotta say... I immediately wanted a mini ID. When the deck fell out of the photo...Gah. It just looks...sooo...good.

    Spare Key: You are walking up to the front door with your date. You seem to have misplaced your key. You bring out the photo of the key and say it's your spare. You pop the key out, and unlock your door.

    Commentary: At the right moment, this would drop jaws.

    Sponge: You show a picture of a sponge ball. You set it on the table. The photo rises up off the table by itself and ends up resting on top of a sponge ball. You lift the photo. No more sponge ball in the photo.

    Commentary: I HATE SPONGE BALLS. Like really bad. I never thought I would say this... I want some sponge balls now.

    Balloon: You show a photo of deflated balloons. You reach into the photo, pull out the stem of the balloon, blow it up, put it back in the photo, and turn the photo around to reveal a partially blown up balloon.

    Commentary: It just sounds awesome from the description doesn't it. Well... IT IS AWESOME. That would land a gig flat out by itself. It looks EXACTLY how I wrote it.

    Quarter: You borrow a quarter, and put it in the photo visibly.

    Commentary: You saw this at the end of the demo. It looks 100% like real magic in the demo doesn't it? I was waiting the entire DVD to get to that part, and started to panic when he never did it. Then it made it to the very end of the video where he taught it. It is genius. He showed how it worked. Then demonstrated it again. It still fools you after you know how it's done.

    Center Toss: This is the key toss you saw in the demo. This will work with any object that has some amount of weight to it.

    Commentary: I don't care for it at the moment, but again, I don't have the gimmicks to try this out yet.

    Now I know you're thinking, "You're probably friends with the folks at SansMinds and they asked to give a good review."
    No. I truly love PhotoShop. I think Will Tsai has done a FANTASTIC job with the effect.
    As he stated on the Cafe forums, what he put on the DVD was just a push to get you started. You can do anything you want with it. You can make your own photos.

    To let you know that I am not giving this such a good review for any other reason besides me really liking the trick, I've decided to let you in on a secret: I hate performing. I like creating magic more. You couldn't make me perform if you tried. For the first time, I want to go perform. After watching PhotoShop, I wanted to go perform so badly. I will have to wait though, as the gimmicks are not here yet.

    Overall, I highly recommend this product. If you've been on the fence about getting it, get off the fence right now, dig out the credit card, and buy it.

  2. any crediting in the dvd?
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    I wish this was on the dvd...

    Wait till the end of the video, seriously. This should be a bonus effect, it's so strong. It makes be think that he might have held back on the dvd, as far as the routines go, but whatever.

    J.Slade, can you review The Corner ( I can't decide whether to get it or not, because the reviewers either think it's fantastic, or total garbage (but they said that with PS also). I'd love an in-depth review, just so I can decide. The money goes to charity!
  4. Is there any set up/clean up? Or does the gimmick do all the work for you? Also, in the youtube video towcheeze just posted, he says each effect is accomplished with a different gimmick? Did I hear that right? Or does the one gimmick need to be modified for each different effect?

  5. No, it probably is the same gimmick, but I don't own the dvd, so what do I know ;). I was saying that this seemed like a really strong routine, but it wasn't included on the dvd. It should have at least been a bonus routine, because not everyone has pet butterflies.
  6. Wow. Did not expect that many responses.

    JM - Yes there are credits on the DVD.

    Towcheeze - I've seen that butterfly video before. In fact, I saw it right before I bought it. My initial reaction was complete awe. Then I had this thought: "How the f*** did he catch a butterfly?!"
    He did hold back on the DVD. But some of the effects on the DVD are very strong. The sponge ball effect is
    I've been tempted to buy The Corner as well. G has some magnificent work out there, which is why I've decided to ignore a lot of the bad reviews and give him the benefit of the doubt. I may buy this and review it for you guys.

    Jacob L - By different gimmick, he means different photos. By no means are the photos gimmicks. That's why you can give them away at the end. There is set up, but no clean up. The set up takes a few seconds. The coin trick taught takes maybe 5 minutes to set up and you're set to do if forever afterwards. The actual gimmick for PhotoShop does not need to modified in anyway. It will work with every photo you receive or make on your own.

    I hope I answered your questions. If you have any more, ask away.
  7. I know there is no product that everyone likes...but man that pisses me off. This is far from garbage.
  8. I do, actually haha. So the photos, they are supplied, correct? If you want to make more, do I need a polariod camera now? Or do I order refills? How do I get the initial images (i.e, an unblown balloon) on the photo? (Don't say if it's exposure, or just release as much as you can.) Also, in a close up setting, how noticeable is the gimmick? Do I need to be conscience of flashing, or can I sit back and cruise?

    Sorry for all the questions, I guess this looks too good to be true haha.

  9. The photos are supplied. I actually did have a question about making your own photos. They tell you the size they need to be. I just found something that would probably work for what you want, which is taking a digital photo and making it a polaroid picture:

    Getting the initial images: The balloon photo and all the others come in the designer combo. If you buy PhotoShop and the designer combo. Otherwise you'll only be able to perform Kiss.

    The gimmick is actually seen by the spectator at the beginning of the trick when you introduce the Photo.

    You do need to be weary of angles. It's kind of hard to go in to without exposure. I personally wouldn't worry about them too much in performance as they are easily fixable.

    Hope I helped.
  10. Ok, so with them seeing the gimmick in the very beginning, it must be a very natural one then, correct?
    Also, what is the difficulty of this effect? It seems very self working, or does it require a little more dexterity?

  11. The difficulty of the tricks differ. The hardest one is Center Toss. A lot of them are very easy.
    The gimmick, by what they see of it, is natural. It isn't in play long.
  12. Gotcha. Well thank you for all the help, and for putting up with my inquisitive ways haha.

  13. It's not a problem man. No worries. Anytime.

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